Hello, TC... I have a question about

Hello. Well, I only write here to do a question about the way of Gears 5.

So, this is the last Operation of the game, the Operation 8, after the end of the game, and after the end of your “Competitive Stuff”, and just after it, could you, TC, return the game to the normality??? I mean, the game of king of the hill aviable to the vs mode, active reload for all weapons with bonus damage, damage from the main weapons and weapons of the floor, 5 players… and all things by wich Gears is Gears and not Halo or another games???

Game is beautiful, but it’s unbalancing play rules are not… so… I hope you back the game a true Gears, and do not leave the game as People Can Fly left Gears of War Judgment…

TC I know you’re a great Studio, because Gears of War 4 was (and IS!) so interesting and beautiful, all things of the pack were (and ARE!) AWESOME AND REAL, not a fraud, I have the physical game, with it’s pack and CD as such, and it promised an super incredible IA in horde mode, and was/is true, cpu’s IA can run to its ooponent to damage and kill it, take strategies to attack the oponent, etc… a GREAT IA, BETTER THAN GEARS OF WAR 3… so, you have a beautiful game in hands wiith bad decisions…that’s the reason that I do this request or question…

I hope you take back the game as a Gears of War at the end of your “COMPETITIVE QUOTA”, I know that how company has a lot of quotas or dues to the competitive stuff companies (until get an unbalance game)… I hope you could back the game to it’s original rulez, like a Gears of War, 8 shots of Gnahser, damage bonus of active reload, Lancer with Damage and fire rate… etc…

Thanks for all…

Highly doubt it they paid people to make ittthsi way

Out of that joy of a read, I just want to comment on this.

Wrong. Incorrect. No. Negative. Negatory, Nope. Nah. NEIN.


As sappy as this sounds, there is some truth to this. Let’s just say that if TC continued off of the work they did for Gears 4, rather than trashing everything and giving us a half-baked Gears 5, my GT would not be “TC Clown.”


Gears 4 after all of its issues was a polished game and I was excited for the future of gears… then gears 5 existed :sneezing_face:

What would it be then?

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TC Expert ?

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“David the Clown” was so simple yet unique and intimidating in an unexplainable way.


Holy s**t!

I was wondering what happened to the guy a long time ago, and it never occurred to me, it was the same person lol. Man, I am such an idiot lol.


Haha. Well, honesty is a viable trait.

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Looooool you seriously didn’t know that was me?

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Not a clue lol. I was away from the forums for a while and when I came back there were new people and some of the ones I knew vanished, so I thought you were new and David was gone lol.

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Lol, fair enough. My other gt on here was l l C L O W N l

My other GT is @TC_Clown. I am his Communist PVE-playing dark side who comes out when he’s been off his meds. #wearedavidwearemany


I mean only the IA of horde… In Gears of War 3 enemies don’t have an strategie like Gears of War 4, only attack by the front…

Yes I know, the Intelligence Artifical.

I stuck by what I said last year. I noticed no real difference between Gears 3 and 4’s enemy behaviour. It was still as predictable.

Bots in gears 3 loved to chill in cover with the smoke nade out…

Then all of a sudden theres a SAS pointed at you.

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Haha they certainly did. They also had some kind of Spidey-Sense when you aimed a Longshot at their heads, able to dodge PRECISELY as you pressed RT.


Meanwhile in Gears 5, the bots in PvE roll the second you pull the trigger on a Boomshot, even when they haven’t been alerted and aren’t looking your way in Escape.

It may have resulted in me wanting to throw a few unfriendly words at the screen because of bot stupidity.

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And so your Boomshot curse continues.

This aged well