Hello TC, Had a Question

So i realize this is the official gears forums and that TC looks at these forums all the time but i was wondering, How often do you guys check the forums because i see that @TC_Octus and @anon86589457 are only on from time to time and can sometimes not be on for a few days so i was curious.

(P.S. this is not a hate post, i am not hating against TC stating that they are not on their own forums so please dont make this a post about that.)

Better off using Twitter man. They don’t frequent the forums much (unless they just go scan them and don’t respond)

I would have to guess that TC probably just scans over the forums, but it is odd that twitter seems to be the more populated place that gets the most reply’s.

Well yeah it’s Twitter. Has tons more followers than a forum does.

If you keep trying for them they are bound to respond. I am not advocating you spam the forums since that is against guidelines but even asking just a mod to relay your message to @TC_Octus or @anon86589457 could be enough. There are a decent number of mods here who could probably do that.

ask @EVIL_0NE to contact them for you , he can do that

They are on the forums quiet a bit, and mods typically ping them with emerging issues, or concerns if needed. They post more on twitter because it reaches a wider audience, and if there is something that needs immediate attention you can always tag a post with @forum-mods and we will bring it up to TC.

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Ok thanks, i didnt need anything i was just wondering how often TC was on but if you mods can reach out to them and they are on alot that pretty much answers my question