Hello people of Gears

Just wanted to say hello.

Is there anything in Gears 5 you like more than some of the older games?

I hope that made sense


The entirety of the PvE in Gears 5 is better than any game before it.


Something TC did really well.


Hey there - I personally love Escape. I think it’s one of the best modes that came out of gears 5.


An underrated aspect of this game is the changes to melees. They’re way more reliable now than they are before since they added a lunge and made it faster overall. Especially in PVE where you can triple melee combo people and then meatshield drone enemies afterwards.

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Pve and Baird and Kim.

They dont look like fallout 3 ghouls now.


I can play as the terminator

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Graphics are freaking beautiful.

When they game plays right, it’s very very fun… Sadly, that isn’t much though.

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Character skins are quite nice. :man_superhero:

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All of PVE. Specifically;

  • A decent and diverse set of PVE classes. Not perfect, but decent and at present it’s pretty balanced (at launch and for the first couple of Operations it was a different matter and was much messier. Michael Shannon (PVE Lead) can take a bow for his efforts in improving PVE).

  • The melee system. I cannot overstate how big this addition has been to GOW5. It’s added a different layer of gameplay to PVE and has opened doors to the creation of melee combat and melee-based classes. It’s probably the single most important new feature in GOW5 in my opinion. We wouldn’t have the likes of the Nomad (execution build) and Blademaster without this system - both of which are fun to play.

  • Escape mode - it was fresh and exciting. I recognise Escape is a bit of a niche mode and an acquired taste - many of my friends seem to hate it! While not wishing to poo-poo over players who play Horde exclusively, the challenge has been a welcome addition. Horde sometimes feels tired and a bit too easy at times partly because you have resources to build a base and generally you stay in the same area for 2-3 hours at a time. With Escape, the gameplay loop feels much more active.

On a negative note, GOW5 killed any interest I had with PVP. I’ve always been primarily a PVE player. In GOW4 I reckon my time was split 80-20 in favour of Horde, but I still enjoyed the occasional Versus PVP game. But GOW5 PVP has always felt poor in comparison despite TC;s attempts to change the tunings etc. I think the last time I played ranked/competitive in GOW5 may have been Op 5 or Op 6, and even then it was a handful of 2 VS 2 games.


PVE, NG+ campaign, Diverse roster of old, rare, current and promotional characters.

Escape is a whole lot more fast paced in comparison to horde with a few exceptions ofc. Honestly feels like playing a level from a gears campaign given how you go from point a to point b instead of remaining stationary for 30-120 minutes straight.

Yeah, that’s what I like about Escape. There’s constant movement toward the helipad so players are constantly having to move, and you can’t just wait it out in a defensive manner. At least not indefinitely. I think that Escape has helped me to really improve my overall ability and alot of these skills are transferable to Horde too.

I recognise that Horde can be played a bit more like this, but there’s a couple of things with this (in my opinion). Just to add as well that I’m referring specifically to the hardest difficulties.

Firstly, the overall way Horde is set up with the enemy mutators and how the difficulty increases over time is done in such a way which discourages playing outside of a base (for most classes). Enemies become much more spongier and they deal more damage.

And secondly, this approach of playing Horde offensively outside of the base is restricted to a small minority of classes in my opinion - at least on the hardest difficulties. The Blademaster and Infiltrator can do this (and to a lesser extent the Striker), but I think many other classes can be ruled out due to their particular skillsets not being suited to it. There are lots of reasons why - Demolitions for example doesn’t have the damage resistance to surive, and limited explosive ammo. Other classes have their own reasons why this approach isn’t that viable. As a result this encourages many classes to stay within or close to the base.


The only thing that better in G5 PvP than it was before is that AI bots dont race you for pick up power weapons in KoTH anymore.

That’s IT.

Every other aspect of PvP (literally every one) is inferior here than in the previous title…IMO. YMMV


I like fully customizable controls, inverted omen (though it took me a little while to get used to and appreciate it), custom game browser, CTF, Control and Execution 2.0.

So basically, customization of controls, the omen symbol, custom game settings and gametype selection were done better than in other Gears titles. Imo.

The graphics.


Absolutely love the cqc classes in PVE. Nothing better than getting in an enemies face and going to town with a knife lol.


Jack. Hijack.

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Yeah, Horde has gotten much better overtime… It was really bad at launch but now there is something for pretty much everyone…

Personally i dont like the cqb play style others here mentioned, it’s not for me, but it is there and available for others who DO like it…

Minor game annoyances and stupidities aside, there is a huge variety of classes and play styles available, with many different weapons being viable on even the highest diff levels.

Personally i play mechanic, slugger, and veteran, those just work for me… But the choices are very numerous…

And i dont even play Escape, thats whole new thing which you can fall in love with (@RumblyMonkey991 :grin: ) which puts the focus on different skill cards and different play styles from Horde (mobile killing squad vs tower/base defense)

While we love to point out individual problems and inconsistencies (guilty as charged), if we step away and look at the big picture, forgetting the insane RNG grind, PvE is very good in this game.

Here’s what worries me. By the end of GoW4 TC had a very good PvP setup and balance. Then they threw it all away to start with totally diffetent things in G5, ruining it in the process.
I worry same might happen with PvE going from this game to the next one.


I’m on the same boat as well. The only hives that I know that you can hunker down for a lengthy period is onslaught and last stand left. Even then they have 40-50 enemies constantly running towards you in a short time span in a small condensed area that you almost have no time to rest.

That’s kind if the main issue I have with horde as a whole ever since I started playing it in gears 3. You’re only regualted to a just a handful of ways to play whereas in escape it’s almost limitless. Especially in master solo escape where you have way less restrictions on you want to play.

It really makes me realize how frail a lot of these classes actually are and how meaningless <60% damage resistance is if you’re not constantly regenerating health/stim now that I think about it. I remember getting downed so many times as Protector when I played with Koty yesterday even with damage resistance perk maxed out to 30% simply because the passive healing speed is so atrociously bad.