Hello from me TC Kilo (1062)


I fear for your mental health after having to deal with this lot(that includes me and my constant fornicator talk)

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Tbh he plagerized the acronym in my GT…
But hey, I’ll let it pass.


No he didnt, never, not even once

(Insert creepy grandpa running directly at you full speed)

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Stop it! Just stop it…

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Great issue!!!

Long Live Guardian!!!

Welcome to the forums! There’s a lot of whiners here but I’m sure they’ll treat you better due to your Gears background, I hope you enjoy your time here! :slight_smile:

Hello TC Kilo .
I dont know why U are so hyped,
but welcome anyway :smile:



Because I’ve got my dream job and I’m blessed to be in a position to try and push for awesome engagement from us here at TC.

That’s why I’m hyped :smiley:


Welcome Groundwalker! :smiley:
Hope you gonna have a good time :slight_smile:


@TC_Kilo1062 let’s get @TC_Sera you guys each form a team and play some frenzy on master to compare scores. If more than 10 people are interested then we can add teams captained by moderators . Idk what to call a prize beyond bragging rights but we’re only in the planning phase if there’s even interest


Always nice to meet another fan. I don’t complain alot. So you don’t have to worry about me. Who’s your favorite character? Mine is Paduk.

Oh, if we’re requesting characters, then how about Carlos Santiago?


Yes plz we need more character form the comics. Helena stroud would be cool as well as young Hoffman and Bernie

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Good job completing the infiltration mission I gave you, @TC_Kilo1062 .

Now quick! Who’s death is canon JD or Del?


I’m pretty sure that they’re going to kill off the other off screen in between 5 and 6 then refer to their deaths in vague terms to keep it easy on themselves.
That’s what I would do.
If that’s what they do then the correct answer would be yes!

Or maybe that part of the game was still happened inside Kait’s mind!? :innocent:

If they’re going to go there then they need to rewind far enough to save Lizzie too.
I doubt that they will but - if we’re saving fan favorites with dream sequence bail outs then don’t go small TC!!!

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Gears 6 picking up the story from Gears 2 onwards confirmed.