Hello from me TC Kilo (1062)

Good job completing the infiltration mission I gave you, @TC_Kilo1062 .

Now quick! Who’s death is canon JD or Del?


I’m pretty sure that they’re going to kill off the other off screen in between 5 and 6 then refer to their deaths in vague terms to keep it easy on themselves.
That’s what I would do.
If that’s what they do then the correct answer would be yes!

Or maybe that part of the game was still happened inside Kait’s mind!? :innocent:

If they’re going to go there then they need to rewind far enough to save Lizzie too.
I doubt that they will but - if we’re saving fan favorites with dream sequence bail outs then don’t go small TC!!!

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Gears 6 picking up the story from Gears 2 onwards confirmed.


One can hope.

What!? Where!?

Sorry, I was just fooling around.

Don’t be sorry! Troll hard!! The more people you can fool the funnier it gets :laughing:


Most of us have had enough of your trolling I think hahaha

Unless of course you’re trolling someone else

I’m not trolling anyone(today).
I’m just encouraging a kindred spirit so you’ll never know who it’s coming from next :laughing:

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Buddy! You very well know that the trolling of these forums goes to you and I.

We have literally had our own thread created for us due to that.

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I suppose that’s true…

@avaramis is still the troll king. Lol




I’m so sorry for your loss


Will you save the game or not

Will be nice if someone can fix queue or explain me why i stay over hour at queue. It’s very annoying to be honest - FFA - especially long queue time [PC + Steam + Europe region]
PS: dead game or dead FFA at high tier? :joy:

I am late to the party
Hello and welcome
Glad to see you are also a PvE player.