Hello from me TC Kilo (1062)

Its not too late, get out while you can! GET OUT AND DON’T LOOK BACK!


Good, a PvE person!

Hello from Toronto. Are you Canadian? What’s your timezone?

Well, this is weird. Usually is around 2000 mSv

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Don’t forget the negative numbers and 0! There could be an infinite amount of you before (well maybe not since character limit but I digress) too.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

@TC_Kilo1062 Welcome aboard! Wish you all the best on this position.
And now you get the first task from the community.

  1. Read it carefully
  2. Export all to excell and give us the names who like this mess :sweat_smile:

Once again, welcome!


Fresh meat :joy:


Oh come on! Be nice to him!
He is still GREEN! :grin:
(I mean he is green in his avatar… :smirk:)


Welcome Tc Kilo !!

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Welcome, good to hear of your Gears pedigree.

Locust Forever :+1:

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Fix judgements achievements then please and thank you :sparkling_heart:



Already 2 likes on these forums. That means you HAVE to fix the judgment achievements to be the most popular human being on trueachievements

Hello and welcome to these holy halls of Gears🙋🏻‍♂️

Welcome, Kilo! Good luck and happy hunting

Welcome new comer. Beware though, you will be tagged in a lot of problems. Everyone is nice now but just wait about a week or less…you’ve been warned…


Ah, welcome friend into to our sometimes humble community.

Glad you could join the team and here’s to hoping a bright future :blush:

Welcome! I hope everyone treats you with the utmost respect. Good luck on your gears forum roller coaster

You of all people should know that this community is rational, level headed and respectful at all times.


Welcome TC Kilo. Hopefully the Gears community goes easy on you as you adjust to your new position. It’s great to hear that you’re a Gears fan and that you’ve previously worked on past Gears titles. I look forward to seeing you on the forums.

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