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Man oh man are there a lot of angry and negative people here. But you know what, I am not one of them. Reading posts here you would instantly think that This is the worse Gears ever, nothing works and everyone went back to Gears 4 (which just few weeks ago was the worse Gears ever made).

I absolutely love how so many of the people who kept posting about how Gears 4 was horrible are now doing the same to Gears 5 and claiming to go back to Gears 4. Haters will hate as they say.

I love it. Yep, I love Gears 5. Sure the servers are sweating bullets and getting into ranked Versus takes more time then it should. Sure, there are minor bugs and few people do seem to experience game breaking ones. But you know what, patches are being pumped out at a lightning pace, people are working their butts off to make this all work smoothly, and it really shows. Gears 5 has been out for just few days and things are already significantly better, not perfect, not great, but OK, and I am OK with that.

There is so much that’s absolutely amazing about this game;

  • Map maker is absolutely fantastic (even though none of you seem to want to play my map :stuck_out_tongue: "Cryptoria Mines V1.0). I spend a full day just with the map maker and, may I say so myself, my first map is awesome :slight_smile:

  • Horde mode is so good now when you have classes and special abilities assigned to specific characters. Each one feel special, different. I was never into this but I spend literally the entire weekend playing horde.

  • Escape is a fantastic addition.

  • Campaign is simply stunning. Absolutely beautiful and one of the best PvE experience I had on console thus far.

  • Pride flags? Good for you! Hey, if you feel like having a flag in-game makes you feel better go at it! Honestly, I have no idea what 99% of them are and I would appreciate if they had some kind of a description, I could learn something new. I did find some information here https://gender.wikia.org/wiki/Pride_Flags

I am sure not too many people out there look at things like I do, but to me - I know I want to experience everything Gears 5 has to offer, so when Versus servers appear to have an issue I simply try one of the other modes. Not a big deal, I will go back to it when everything is smooth. Is this how things should be? Not at all, but nothing ever is and I for one am not about making big drama out of things. Coalition is full of great people who committed years of their lives to this game and a re very passionate about it & it shows.

There obviously are a lot of people here who don’t feel this way, perhaps I am looking at things differently because I don’t have all this baggage from previous Gears games that a lot of people here seem to have. I just switched to Xbox for gaming at the end of 2017 so this is my first Gears launch.

If you, like me, seek to surround yourself with positivity, feel free to add me on Xbox (and the app on PC?) My game tag is “Cryptor69”. I play every day, in the evening, starting around 8PM PDT (West Coast NA). I like to play with people who love the game, not ones who are filled with negativity.

If you read all that then, wowza, TY & Cheers! See you out there on the battlefields!


It warms my heart to know that someone likes the pride flags.

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I honestly don’t see why anyone would not. They are pretty and make people happy :slight_smile: Where is the problem?

I am yet to see anyone use them, but I’am sure that’ll happen sooner or later!


I agree, there is nothing more important when chainsawing someone in half that they are made fully aware of your sexuality.


Why is it that the people who like the game have to mention over and over the people who dislike it

The sad dose of realism is that the flags will be used as a mockery just like the saudi flag in gears 4 .

Lol we all know it as well, i cant wait to unlock the gender â– â– â– â– â–  flag, TC have unknowingly brought some fun to an otherwise disliked game.

Well this Mike isn’t so happy with Gears 5…

While I have to say that Campaign is great, and Escape makes a fun addition to the franchise, the rest of Multiplayer is an absolute disaster to say the least. Let me sum it up below:

  • Aim assist (even in Ranked modes, except Escalation/Execution)

  • Active reload is messed up (missing it quite often)

  • Lancer is overpowered…

  • 5 Bullet Gnasher instead of 6 (Like, WHY?)

  • Lag, lag, lag…

  • Horde mode is boring with few new enemies added + the whole Hero stuff is stupid and unnecessary. (People are fighting over duplicate characters that can’t be used to play the way they want to play)

  • Customisation wise, Tour Of Duty is filled with stuff nobody wants… (Bloodsprays/Banners/Marks/Emotes) And it forces you to play modes you don’t want to. But hey, you always buy some Iron and re-roll, so you might get some daily challenges that might suit you better!

  • Ranking up (in Ranked) literally takes forever… Nobody seems to get out off Silver 2. (Coming from a bunch of Onyx, and even Diamond players from Gears 4)

  • (Small, but still something I want to mention:) Pride flags…
    Hey look! This MVP is proud to be gay/transgender/pansexual/bisexual/asexual/ bigender/sisgender you name it… (Where’s my straight flag at?) Bottom thing is, sexual orientation shouldn’t be included in video games. Just like religion/politics etc.

And yes, as a bonafide Christian, I do feel offended by all those Pride flags since they’re against my beliefs… (So fine for feeling everybody welcome to your game)

TC/Rod say they want to include everyone in Gears 5, and yet alienate there core players (who supported there work from the beginning) with stupid changes, that weren’t nessecary at all to begin with…

Just my 2cents…


Man 2 cents sure goes a long way these days :slight_smile:

I commend Happy Mike on his positivity (so rare around here), his reasoned arguments and his proper formatting (both also rare around here).Happy Mike is however inviting himself a lot of trouble by praising the pride flags.

Apparently, in their purpose of identity expression, they represent everything wrong with the game in a nutshell. Meanwhile, the country flags, also with their purpose of identity expression, are absolutely fine. Go figure.

Putting aside the issue of whether or not identity expression flags belong in the game (for the record, I don’t think they do), the reality is that both the country flags and the pride flags do exist and serve the same purpose. So, it’s hypocritical to be against one while defending the other.

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While I agree with you on the pride flags not belonging in the game (nor the country flags, since they serve the same purpose), your point about specifically excluding religion and politics from games is cheapened by the fact that you include your own religious beliefs. In the interests of objectivity, whether or not you feel offended by the flags should have no bearing whatsoever on whether they should be included in the game or not.

I also find the notion that the pride flags have been included with the intention to make people feel unwelcome highly questionable. Their purpose is to make more people feel welcome and included, not the opposite. TC can’t help if people feel that way because of their own beliefs, much like it’s not their intention to offend anyone if they don’t include a specific country’s flag.

Why are so many threads turning into discussions about the pride flags? :joy:

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It’s a refreshing change to see some positivity about them in the OP at least, lol. If only everyone had the OP’s point of view.

I can understand that. I just don’t think it’s a topic that needs discussion on here. Unfortunately it only brings off topic debates and overly pressed opinions that just result in arguing and eventually insults.

But whether or not the discussion is a respectful debate or an all out war of words, this isn’t the place to have that discussion.

I’m inclined to agree with you, but try telling that to the people acting like the world is ending over such a non-issue of in-game flags, their only reason for doing so being ignorance and intolerance. They’re the only ones initiating such discussions. One guy even made an alt account and new thread (which was locked) to reply to one of my posts in his original thread, which was also locked.

I find it ridiculous and saddening that people are so readily combative over something so trivial as in game flags. They’re flags, they have no material effect on anything. Yet you’ve seen how people behave, calling TC every name under the sun - because of flags.

Ideally neither the pride flags nor the country flags would’ve been added to the game, but since they have been, discussion (and all the rhetoric and polemic that brings) is unfortunately inevitable, particularly from those who can’t help but force their opinions on others.


It’s because people feel so strongly about it that makes it something beyond bringing up. The people who talk about it know the reaction some people will have. Doesn’t matter if it’s to hate on it or show support of it or to express indifference, when you begin that discussion, it will only result in a fight. People who like it, like it. People that don’t, don’t. I’ll tell both sides it’s a topic that does not belong on a video game discussion board about a video game that has nothing to do with this topic.

Again, I’m inclined to agree with you. I can’t tell if your comments at pointed towards me or not, but I assure you, I have no opinion whatsoever on the flags; I neither like, dislike, or even care about them being included in the game, because they are cosmetic items and have no effect whatsoever. I do think that neither they nor the country flags have a place in the game because of how inflammatory they have proven to be.

However, even if I had any kind of disposition whatsoever towards the flags, I would still feel that hypocrisy and intolerance ought to be challenged where they arise, particularly in public fora. I do agree with you that the discussion doesn’t belong on a video game board, but those trying to suggest a connection between the inclusion of the flags and a decline in the game/some wider political agenda being present are frankly ridiculous.


Oh no, it’s not a directed comment towards you. Just a general discussion. Sorry if I came off that way.

First off, this isn’t all about the whole pride flag thing. (Gameplay problems are more importantly)

But with that being said, me (And a lot of other people) just find it unnecessary to show off someone’s sexual preferences in a video game. I don’t have a problem with country flags at all. They don’t offended anybody when shown.

The reason why I mentioned me being a Christian/religious, is to say that, while TC think it’s cool to include the flags so that everybody feels welcome, while they offend other people who don’t necessarily agree with the whole LGBQT lifestyle… (And are getting sick of the pushing agenda everywhere)

Christians (and other religious people) are known not to be very supportive of that lifestyle. And I bet, TC knows we are playing there games. (Probably more then the whole LGBQT community) So they should’ve thought about that before deciding to include a bunch of sexual oriented flags.

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Very much line I did with Gears 4, I 'm American and I will run the Russian Flag just for kicks. I have not looked for it to see what it costs, but even if its $20 I 'm going to pay for it just for laughs and I love the game.