Hello from beyond, just a quick observation

Hi all I don’t post in here regularly anymore because I’ve moved on from Gears for now but the rare times I play I’ve noticed something “odd” and it seems account-specific, wondered if anyone has any insight.

I play a random Horde match with public people about once every other week -month, and I noticed something weird to me the last time I did: Someone was playing Anchor and when they got knocked down with their ultimate active the barrier stayed up. Someone got them back up and their barrier continued.

Mine does not, has never stayed up. If I go down, it dies, 100% of the time. It’s not time-related, I had lots of time left. Am I missing a card that achieves this? Does everyone else’s barrier stay up if they get knocked down?

I ask because I’ve noticed other odd things with game behavior that affects me, but not others. For example, on Escape my medic card never activates, I just die if I go down with the ultimate active. Why?

Is my account bugged? I’ve reinstalled previously no changes. I asked support and go no answer or vague “lots of stuff causes that” worthless answers.

Any ideas? Thanks.

No, your account’s working fine. It’s a game issue where it’s supposed to stop your ult as Anchor if you go down, but in some cases it doesn’t, like when a Boomshot double explodes and because it’s 100% inconsistent jumps behind it while you don’t have stim. It’s a bug in 5 and nothing more.

It happens randomly.

I had this glitch happen to me skip to 0:27 as Mac early in the game.

Another cool feature is that there are some situations - namely executions (possibly by certain enemies, not sure if it’s all enemies) where you activate Team Revive but an enemy still executes them, but it takes your Team Revive anyway. Happens all the time with Scions and Wardens.

No I meant I was alone. I just die, no activation of it at all, full bar.