Helena Stroud C Company Skin

C’mon TC, be a bro and add Helena

Anya’s head, Sam’s ponytail, Bernie’s C Company Armor
Use Anya’s voice lines

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Anya and Helena were around the same age during Aspho Fields no?

Helena is Anya’s mother

I know lmao.

I shouldve rephrased that. Helena was Anyas gears 3 age during Aspho Fields is more of what I was asking.


She was known for being quite tall though.

Nobody knows who you’re talking about!

Momma Major Stroud :wink:


she has anya’s bob hairstyle earlier in her life (howard company), but during c company she uses a ponytail

C Company

Howard Company


I was more asking for her age man lol.

I’m gonna make an educated guess and say she was in her mid 40s when she was blown up.

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Isn’t Mac like 12’ 8"?

How do you do this glitch?


Photoshopped, I see.



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must have big hands like her daughter then too lol


It’s possible. Benjamin was 18 when he died, and he was a fresh recruit. COG army’s minimum age for enlistment is probably 18, without parental consent.

“At some point in Helena’s adulthood, she joined the COG army and became a gear. By 22 B.E., Helena had one child, Anya Stroud. In 17 B.E., Helena was a Lieutenant in Howerd Company. Fourteen years later, … command of C Company … and Anya, now an adult, had joined the army as an officer cadet. One year later, Helena … training exercise for C Company … in preparation for Operation: Leveler… As she attempted to free herself with a knife, the grenades exploded … and fragmenting her body.”

Could say Helena joined the COG at 18-20, maybe 2 years after serving, she gave birth to Anya. 19 years later, Anya joins as a cadet. 1 year later Helena dies. 18+22, maybe Helena died at 40+ years old.

Actually. Some gears did enlist at 16.

Dom did. Or maybe he was 17, I just read Aspho Fields i should know this lmao.

Whoa. Anya was 20 by the time of op leveler.

Anya was 37 by gears 1 and around 40 by gears 3.

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Yeah, when under 18, they probably need parental consent to enlist (at least, that’s how it works in the U.S.). It does seem like Dom was 16-17, when Maria got pregnant. A few months later they got married, Dom dropped out of school, and joined the COG, in order to support them.

Edit: and since it says “in Helena’s adulthood, she joined”, then she had to have been at least 18, unless, of course, Tyrans are considered legal adults at 16.

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