Helemtless Carmines Pack

I know it’s a trademark of the carmines to not show their face (beside Will Carmine) but I still think it’s a cool idea I know some people wouldn’t want this though.

Would totally spoil it for me. It’s not like they really did a lot. The helmets are the main element to their persona.


I get that. But for me it’s their dialogue i like. Also the helmets definitely aren’t the main element to their persona, the fact that they die is. Except Clay ofcourse.

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Wouldn’t be fair. I’m pretty sure Carmines don’t have heads under there, so a helmetless Carmine would just be headless and you wouldn’t be able to headshot them.


Lol obviously they would have to make heads for them. Did you really think the uir had those faces back in December 2016? No, TC obviously gave them faces after to make a pack out of it and as you may or may not know the team working on gears 4 is much smaller now so it would be easy to do helmetless carmines.

So… Minh with slightly different armour voiced by Gough? :wink:

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The Carmine’s were born wearing those helmets.

It also keeps the afterbirth from getting their faces dirty. :wink:


Actually i have a xbox 360 magazine thag shows anthony carmine’s face lol (doubt its photopped), its probably just a glitch but he looks like kim ish but his ehes are messed up.

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Pretty sure the face under the helmet that you can see by using weird camera angles is just a necessary placeholder for the skin. Doesn’t mean it’s his real face.

Yeah i figured that, but the way they did itbseems uite weird. His eyes looks like its going to pop out.

If they revealed carmine’s face (especially for a lame character pack) it would literally ruin carmine as a character


A what??


So would they change Claytons tattoo to have two Minh faces instead?