Heavy weapons disappear when out of ammo. Why?

I understand why in the campaign or in versus but in horde heavy weapons shouldn’t disappear when out of ammo in horde since we got the weapon lockers, if someone wanted to get rid of the heavy weapon in horde they can just drop it at the start of a new wave, this just seems like a bit of an oversight.

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It’s the same with every other weapon.
When a Lancer gets no ammo and I might switch it for Hammerburst on ground, my Lancer would disappear.
But either way, I would’ve preferred the weapons didn’t disappear until start of wave.
It would help to lose less weapons.

Thats after you drop that lancer. The OP is talking how the heavy weapons automatically drop after the last shot


Yes, it happens to all weapons.
But disappearing from hand happens with heavy weapons.
I’m not sure if I remember but it might’ve been the same for rest of Gears games as well.

You can still hold a weapon with no ammo why can’t you do the same with heavy weapons? Thats what he getting at

I do understand.
It’s like some kind of design flaw since the introduction of Lockers.

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