Heavy shell question

What does it actually do because the ultimate all by itself reflects damage back?

Yes I like to know too… cannot find the answer in the search function

Normal Ult only reflects bullets. Reflective shell reflects rockets, pouncer shots, buzzkill blades and other projectiles like that.

I find that hard to believe. Or at the risk of sounding condescending, learn to use a search engine? Just pop in key words. I was able to find that link to another thread just like that and the keywords I used where “heavy”, “shell” and “Clayton”. And the answer is there if you click on the link to this thread.

Seems my initial post linking this thread was removed. No clue why. It contains the answer to this question in very clear terms.

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Although, I noticed that such projectiles do not cause bleed if you have the bleed card on like bullets or Drone melees do.