Heavy class and Soldier horde

Planting gernades on the ground as a soldier takes too long. Sometimes 4-5 attemps for 1 gernade to plant which can take away valuable time in between waves to get back to the fab on time to help teammates.

Heavy on inconcevable… Torque bow is way too weak and same goes for boomshot even with damage card on. Boom is good basically until the 1st boss wave. Level 6 mortor is extremely trash and drops way too slow. I hit 3 mortors for 1 kill its pathetic. Its only effective on juvie waves but who wants to spend 6500 for mortor strike to kill juvies? Certainly not me! Make the mortor stronger or decrease the fabricator price or itll just be another dead end horde skill like turret capacity

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Don’t hold your breathe man. TC won’t lower the fab price or tweak any damage done by any weapon in Horde anymore. I would be surprised if they actually do some adjustments in 2019.

Yeah its sad that its takes months for TC to even acknowledge issues to just ignore 80% of them and make changes that dont even matter. I figured id try again though since they seem to care about horde more than versus

Boom is garbage against anything other than juvies and trackers. A friend I play with keeps using it because he likes it and remembers it from previous games.

Torque is great for headshot, kills anything 1 shot (but don’t need heavy’s cards for thatb.

L6 mortar is totally buggerred, I so refret upgrading it, I never equip it.

As a heavy you want the Dropshot. Headshot kills anything, very powerful explosions, and just fun to use, once you get the hang of it.

Im very well aware of what to use and how to play every class. I just want to bring attention to some issues that been around for awhile but still haven’t gotten fixed yet

I think they want the Boomshot to be underpowered. It’s a starting weapon, they don’t want it to be as powerful as the Dropshot.

I agree the Torquebow needs a buff, one of the cooler weapons in the game and its near useless to the Heavy because of it’s weakness

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That makes sense. Even like a 20% increase in damage will be acceptable and the torque bow needs like 50% more damage

I don’t like playing the HEavy class mostly because I find the Dropshot a boring gun. Making the Torquebow stronger would definitely incentivize me to playing it more as I would man that gun.

Torque is not underpowered at all. Even an engineer can kill any middle sized foe with a single headshot on inconceivable.

The thing is that the weapon is not affected by Berserker nor Last Stand, like Boom and Drop. So you gotta be extra accurate on later rounds. Or you fall quickly.

Dropshot boring? I love to put down Guardians with it while everyone else is freaking out, during a base invasion.

All strikes could cost even more. I wouln’t mind. They are boring as hell and require no skill.

I personally like the dropshot but I like to switch it up sometimes and the torque bow would be my go to secondary weapon but i just resort to using pistol damage instead lol.

I want to get better with torque, so I try to use it more… but when crap hits the fan, I switch to Dropshot, for sure :wink:


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I see what youre saying but if im going for headshots ill just snipe instead. Not everyone can get headshots with the torque bow and its definitely easier getting headshots sniping. I snipe all the time and the heavy class is my least played so id like to use it but i dont want to sit on a turret or just dropshot all game and i dont use the heavy weapons cause youre a sitting duck for deadeyes

You can combo with heavy weapon card those epics I mentioned.

Little foes will die with one torque to the body, so you can focus headshots on Scions.

Drop is the best thing a heavy can use, especially on difficulties like Inconceivable. We’re it’s basically a must due to how strong it is and the fact that you can be in cover and have the ability to shoot enemies behind the cover. It can one shot anything (that’s not a boss) with a direct impact, Guardians are no longer a pain if you know how to use it, and your less likely to blow yourself up unlike boom. And Torque is stupid strong agents a Kestrel as long as it’s Called Shot (witch it should be) so you don’t see 50 drops missing or having everyone shoot at it with piss-poor dmg from rifles or turrets. Heavy is a class that once you get use to it and are good at it, you’ll understand why hes so important if he uses the right weapons. (The drop is the most important, again, just learn how to use it right and you’ll see why. It’s fast enough)

I barely use the Torque when I’m heavy, I think is so underused in horde because it has not that explosive power in another words is not overpowered enough as the drop…
I would like to see the Torque with more splash power is useless when playing harder difficulties not to mention it has not Zoom in like the sniper so to me at least we should have a Torque with zoom so we can hit far away enemies and why not hit some headshots

Torque is challenging to use after 30… You can hold the trigger while hiding, sacrifice a little aimming time and avoid taking damage.

That’s why I prefer to use against very far enemies. It’s also a way to target practicing.

It’s not the Torque is weak. Dropshot is overpowered.

Try moving backwards, LS left stick down and B for plant.
Sometimes, I find it to be more successful to make planting work on ground.

With Heavy’s Marked Damage on body shots or headshots, Torque Bow does fine IMO.
It’s even a good weapon against the Guardian/Sentinel by aiming their weapon to bypass the shield.
Boomshot is strong if it hits the enemy head, even bosses.

Level 6 Mortar is weaker than Level 5.
It’s almost pointless to use Mortar at all, unless on lower difficulties like Casual to Hardcore.
Radar Ping/Called Shot should help increase damage.

IMO, one incentive to play Heavy for me would be to man the Tri-Shot.
It’s probably more interesting than Dropshot since it’s not used very often and quite reliable.

Snub pistol is also an interesting alternative to Boltok pistol.
With high firing rate, Snub can kill enemies quite fast and stacks up higher % damage per shot since more rounds in magazine clip.

I like to shred the Guardian/Sentinel shields and the main body with Tri-Shot. :+1: