Heartbeat Longshot?

So I completed everything in OSOK Versus and OSOK Horde and I’ve unlocked all the Flaming and Heartbeat skins, but only the Flaming Longshot popped. Is there a glitch going on with the Heartbeat skin for this weapon?

Gday mate,

Not that I am currently aware of.

If these don’t appear in your inventory soon please message TC HERE and hopefully they can give you an answer,

Thank you

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i thought they are given out randomly

I landed the Longshot. It’s RNG. Sets of 5.

It’s a mixture of the 2. If you do both of the related challenges (1 each in vs and horde) you get a total of 5 random and 5 guaranteed. Longshot isn’t amongst the latter.

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Im missing Flamming Longshot😭

I have multiple weapons with duplicates, wish they gave it away for each skin not duplicates

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