Heart goes out to the Gears fans who may not be able to play Gears 5 due to hurricane Dorian. Hope all stay safe

With Hurricane Dorian just days away from making landfall in Florida/East Coast U.S, the estimate is that it will be a category 4 hurricane when it arrives. For those who need clarification on the categories of hurricanes, a Category 4 means likely catastrophic damage with wind speeds ranging from 130-156 mph.

I myself live in Florida (West coast) and current projections say that it will go up the East coast of the U.S. so I won’t experience the brunt of it. For those of you who live in Florida or the East Coast U.S. please heed all warnings from officials and evacuate if necessary. Pick up necessary supplies if you haven’t already. Food (non-perishables), water, battery powered radio, etc. Find out where your local shelters are. Depending on the damage, power may be out for a few weeks. So some us won’t have the pleasure of joining you for the launch week of Gears 5, but all that matters is that you stay safe and look out for friends and family.


I’ll ask TC to send a collectors edition to dorian so it can stay home.

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Why do I feel @GhostofDelta2 is gonna pop in here and mark this as the solution?


Because it’s a Ghost thing to do.

My best friend is named Dorian so he’s getting ALL the hate on Instagram.


Just play a days worth of the reclaimed windflare map and you can get a taste of what being in a wild wind experance is minus all the water but you do get random lightning as a replacement for the lack of water,o goody lucky us…

Imagine if there was a hurricane given an Arabic name like Khalid or Samir? Those reactionary Islamophobes will go absolutely mental!

Oh and stay safe anyone who lives in that area!