Health when the enemy is down

I don’t know if anyone has noticed something very strange that has happened in Gears 5, where when someone is down you take longer to kill him with any weapon, with the sniper even if you give him the shot you don’t kill him you only mark hitmarker when the enemy is DOWN, with the lancer you need to kill him with 1 whole cartridge to kill him. I feel it’s a bug that when the enemy is down he has full life again, this didn’t happen before op 7.

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It’s called control games type

It also happens in Gridion and Execution 2.0
This is a feature TC has been rocking lately for their specific playlist
not a huge fan but w/e


They increased the health while downed for every mode, even Arcade.

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My buddy and i noticed this playing against bots the other day. Kind of understand them having extra down hp to prevent easy third and out death easy farm from a distance.
But overall it feels bad, Takes way too long to finish off a downed enemy with rifles.

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