Health regen stops when you wallbounce

Tc can you tell us about the health regen when you wallbounce because when I start wall bouncing I feel like my health regen stops and I want to know if you will remove this on the future


Have you even thought about testing this in PvE with Tacom up before posting?

In pve there are different rules for wallbounce or for movement as a whole also wall cancel


Yes. It needs to be implanted. Its hard enough to survive and you get penalized because your moving around trying to survive.

Haven’t played much in the past two months to notice subtle things, but the regen pausing while bouncing has been going on for quite some time. Unless to stop completely for 2-3 seconds , the regen won’t kick in.

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Yeah, this was a feature they actually put in the game to combat hyper bouncing. You can do it now, but if you dont win that fight you get smoked. Not a big fan tbh.


Agree. Either regen or no. Wall bouncing shouldn’t be punished.


Theres an interesting idea…a single life mode where you dont regenerate health for the round. Sounds hardcore.

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“it’s a feature, not a bug”

One of the big issues in the game at the moment. Health regeneration. How fast and when it actually starts. ( this was implemented in Gears 4)