Headset not working on Gears 5 PC

Hello everyone. So I just bought a new headset almost two months ago. Since then, my communication on Gears 5 stopped working. I’ve done everything you can imagine. All drivers are up-to-date, I set it as default Communication Device, but still cannot hear anyone or say anything to them. I also switch the default device on Xbox App . What should I do then? I miss this feature T-T

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Arctis brand by chance?

No, buddy! It’s from China, name is N20.

You can check it’s features right here:

I had an issue like this for in-game chat (not party chat)

what I did was disable all audio devices except for the one device you want to use. did it for both Playback and Recording (setting a default device doesn’t fix anything)

for some reason Gears 5 has issues with multiple audio devices

EDIT: also, make sure you don’t have Push-to-Talk enabled.

I tried that, but it seems it didn’t work either.

I mean, what did you expect when buying from aliexpress?

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I have an issue with every headset/mic if it has bluetooth.

I generally have to go into settings and disable talk or stereo option.

It seems to cause a problem for me everytime a pair of headphones has a built in microphone and bluetooth.

go to settings> then sound> then output

then click advanced options listed underneath your connected device.

If it has two different audio options…one of them must be disabled or

I lose sound or the ability to talk or both…
depending on the headset.

Hope it helps


I have the issue in party chat as well. My gaming monitor has built in speakers so when chatting I’ll hear the game audio from my headset but voice in the monitor. I don’t want the monitor to have sound when I’m playing late at night as I don’t want to wake the house, so I’m forced to mute it. I wonder if I do this trick it will help with playback in the headset because before I upgraded my monitor I had no voice playback. Thanks for the post.

Life savor !!! Tyvm

Thanks! It helped a lot!
So another bug that will haunt this game forever!