HEADS UP: items sold in the new section in the store for iron become purchase able with coins a week after

Seeing a post like this makes me wonder why one of my posts got flagged.

No, I won’t flag you.

Who’s buying 15 days of boost? Base it off the best deal of 15 dollars for a hundred I believe?

You’re ignoring the free reroll.

Nobody is out here rerolling with iron. You’re reaching.

I’m not buying iron period. Unless it’s to refill my boost.

Yeah RNG is RNG not much to it.

But Boost helps remedy some aspects of RNG by ensuring you get double stars for whatever you do indeed get.

No it’s not, Boost is more valuable than ever lmao.

And with the possibility of triple XP remaining it’s definitely worth the 15 dollars.


this is Microsoft we’re talking about. they’re just as likely to obfuscate and weasel as much as EA and Activision.

it’s what these companies do now and every time one of these publishers give us something good you need to ask what the catch is.

Nah I’d rather buy 1500 iron worth of skins than 100 days of boost. At 250 iron a skin on average, I’d have pretty much every character skin out right now minus Workout Fahz with his stupid 1500 price tag. I already showed you why it’s too expensive.

Plenty of people do apparently. So they can get the tour done in the first day. I wasn’t putting words in your mouth. There are people who did it and were using the Cosmonaut on the first day. That’s why I brought it up. Also, if you don’t reroll woth iron, you’re only getting the free one (which is at most six stars extra if you do in fact have boost).

And the point of my reply to you was that that’s a waste of time. You’re buying iron anyway for the boost. That is the only way to get it outside the free weekend. You may as well buy character and weapon skins directly with the iron. My method saves you the time you would have spent doing challenges, and you won’t need to worry about legendary rank and coins, because you will have the skins right away by spending that iron on items rather than boost.

Then you’re not getting the most out of boost. Boost keeps draining even when you aren’t playing and if you don’t reroll past the free one then you’re losing potential for stars in your downtime away from the game. It takes like 15 hrs to reset challenges.

The maximum amount is still not fast enough to get enough coins at a reasonable rate. If you reroll for free, and the RNG gods or lady luck or whatever blesses you with 4 challenges worth 6 stars apiece, and 6 more on the free reroll, thats still less than the number you need to reach 2000 iron, which is the lowest coin price in the store unless you want to buy marks.

That’s called a hypothetical situation. It’s also not the highest and it’s not the lowest possible.

We were talking about stars for coins not XP

That being said, spending iron to get boost so you can level up to 100 is dumb. It’s purpose? Is it just to get literally ONE skin in a set? That is also a waste. Again you’re going to get more value for your iron by buying store items, not boost. Store gives you full sets for $4. For a little less than 15, you can have three FULL sets of weapon skins better than the ones in the reup pool.

I really don’t understand how you’re coming to this conclusion. Let’s assume you reach Legend rank in 30 days (extremely doable with Boost), that gives you 60 days remaining to grind Legend ranks. My understanding is that each rank requires 12 Stars and grants 750 GC.

So with all that in mind, let’s now assume that you get ~20 stars per day average from your dailies (equivalent of getting five 2-star dailies, which doubled from Boost makes them 4-star dailies). Obviously some days will be way more, some will be way less but I feel comfortable making 20 the average over 60 days. All that said, time to do some basic math, which isn’t my strong suit so if I make an error please don’t hesitate to correct me.

20 stars x 60 days = 1200 stars

1200 stars ÷ 12 required per Legend = 100 total Legend ranks before the end of OP4

100 ranks x 750 GC per rank = 75,000 GC

Now we can take 75k GC and divide it by 2 to find out (roughly) how much you’ll earn if you decide to forego Boost which comes out to 37.5k. So over the course of those 60 days, Boost is earning you almost 40000 extra GC. That’s nearly enough for four Legendary character skins in the store. Using the 1500 Iron straight up is only enough for one Legendary skin.

Not sure which weapon skins you’re talking about since the epic weapon sets cost $8.50 but let’s have a look at those too.

1500 Iron gets you:
1.7 Epic Weapon Skin sets
3.5 Rare Weapon Skin sets
4.4 Common Weapon Skin sets

On the other hand, our aforementioned extra 37500 GC that we got from Boost gets you:
5 Epic Weapon Skin sets
11 Rare Weapon Skin sets
22 Common Weapon Skin sets

Choice seems obvious to me, and I haven’t even mentioned all of the PvE-related beneifts that Boost and GC confer as well.


Pretty much all iron is good for is boost.

Used to have value… but now boost is given away on the weekends so :man_shrugging:

I mean it brings players back but maybe give us the 4x boost permanently for the days of purchase for supporting…

I can’t even use iron to buy chrome skins which is the intention I had in stocking up…

Ended just using it all on boost…

I already have so many skins… I don’t even use my ranked skins which I earned…

It’s a let down for sure.

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I wasted 300 iron thinking that was the only way to get it. Could have used that on rereolls, I’ll praise TC when they deserve it, but that, its ■■■■■■. Its tricking consumers

Yes but that doesmt help anyone who doesnt watch delveloper streams its still robbery

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Buyers Remorse.

Windflare set looks mid.

So did a lot of you guys buy Cosmic or Windflare? I think I’ll hold off. It feels like I just earned Zero Hour, then bought Kryll and HotRod, three cool-looking sets. So I’m a little over the novelty of getting premium weapon sets with coins, and also burned out on new weapons sets now.

Just ignore the fact that the Dev Blog said this exact thing before OP4 even started.

Not specifically, but it did say so if you were paying attention.

The problem of paying attention is the fact that people hate paying! :grin:

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again thats assuming you bother to blog or watch dev streams witch less then 25% of people who play do. I dont blog at all. I work on thursdays why because i have an actual life so people who dont stalk gears media but play gears have absolutely no way of knowing that its not an iron only thing.

I work 40hrs a week. I write for fun. I paint for fun. I play Gears for fun and I manage to read all their posts.

I am absolutely done with people who use “I have a life,” for an excuse to be uninformed about their Twitter posts but takes the time to reply to a two-week old thread on some rinky-donk forum.

Imagine going out of your way to complain about not having enough time to read a blog post while going out of your way with that time you don’t have, to complain.

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People with “real lives” do manage to find the time to do other things like, catch up on the news, watch an episode of their favourite TV series or read that book they bought recently too you know. And it’s conceivable for people with “real lives” to use that same time to catch up on GOW news too.