HEADS UP: items sold in the new section in the store for iron become purchase able with coins a week after

As title says. The knife expressions sold last week was only for iron when it was in the “new” section now that it’s been rotated out of there it’s now purchase able with iron or coins in the operation 4 section of the store. So I bet the items in the current “new” section of the store that are purchase able with iron will become purchase able with coins as well. I’d wait before spending ur iron on those cosmic skins guys don’t want you wasting them if you can get them with coins.

P. S. The fact that this isn’t explained anywhere in the store is mad. It’s daylight robbery I tell ye.


TC has stated multiple times in their pre-OP4 streams and blog posts that items in the New section might be timed exclusives for Iron, and will later become available for Coins.


Called it

This isn’t made clear in the store. Not everyone watches dev streams they clearly fell short on their part. There should be a clause saying that in the store so people know. Also after the week the items don’t even go into the store under their respective category (e. G. Knife expression would go under expressions tab) they only go in op 4 category. This is hidden and hard to find as anyone would go to the category for the item they want to find the item quicker rather than checking through the whole op 4 category which will gradually grow over time.

This being in dev stream doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s not advertised anywhere in game that the skins will become coins after a week. And also its not advertised that items rotated out of new go into the operation 4 part of the store. These things need to be shown crystal clear in game. Otherwise people are going to be baited into buying what they think is a timed exclusive in the store with iron only for it to be added into an obscure section of the store for coins a week later.


The information is publicly available. Do research yourself or ask someone on the forums.

Not every player is that invested man. An average player isn’t going to search up how the store works what’s timed what’s not. And they definitely wouldn’t care enough to ask on a forum lol. Plain and simple this info should be in game.

Edit: a average player also isn’t going to watch dev streams or keep up with game news either.


Hopefully the cosmic set is coins in the future. Not paying $8.50 for anything unless it’s black steel JD or Baird lol


Yes, although TC never said how long. When I read it would be a short time, I figure maybe 3-4 weeks or something, not the following week. It just devalues Iron even more.

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They always been doing stuff like this. It’s crazy how they get away with it all the time. They have no shame at all.


Actually there is a link to the operation 4 notes in game.
It had that yellow exclamation until it was dismissed.
I guess some didn’t bother to read it. :roll_eyes:

This so much lol. Even I that was informed on Iron-only items being acquirable by coins later on didn’t know that they would be available for said coins NEXT WEEK. I thought that for example the Knife expression (and stuff like that) was gonna return IDK maybe mid Operation 5, not like this.

Anyways now that I know about this, I am gonna wait for next week to get the weapon set and save all Iron strictly towards Boost :joy:

this is why you’re not supposed to blindly buy stuff in video games with premium currency. lean what’s happening when you put your CC info into your Xbox next time.


Yo chill mate I haven’t whaled on anything lol. I’m just looking out for the people who didn’t know as it obviously wasn’t brigaded enough by tc it was hidden in dev streams and a post. You shouldn’t be expected to search through news posts and menus to find out how the store categories work that’s just scummy tactics it’s literally baiting you to pay for them if you don’t look up news lol. That’s not on the person that’s on the devs


Wow just wow.

I’m ok paying for time exclusive content, but one week only? Now that Esports content is cash only, iron is only good for re-rolls and boost, nothing else.

Thanks for the heads up.

Yes they have said that but after what happened with the Hot Rod skins I would’ve expected something similar, a couple of months at minimum but one week only? Thanks I guess since I will never ever buy iron again.

It’s disgusting trash.

Doing us , that support TC, dirty as heck.

Honestly all the cry baby’s made them soft.

You can thank the community for crying. Yet when it comes down to actually support their work they’re nowhere to be found.

Man I supported the ■■■■ out of this game because I love gears.

But man my iron went from the PREMIUM currency to trash in one day. So much so I bought boost with the rest I had. Because boost is actually worth more than iron because of double stars.

Shoot, I’d rather be able to buy gears coins because then I’d be able to whale out and upgrade my horde characters.

But nah, Iron is good for one week exclusivity and boost if you don’t have it.


Why would you buy boost anyway, the re up rewards suck and the only thing levels show is that you have more free time to play this game than someone else. Woooooww you got to level 100, 50 times. Someone needs to find themselves a significant other. Or a more efficient hobby. It’s not bragging rights if it’s nothing to brag about.


Gears Coins Duh

Double Stars, means more coins, which means more customization items.

You’re literally earning half the amount of coins with no boost.

Assuming you’re on legend already.

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So use money to buy iron just to buy boost and see a late return. You get 750 coins for 12 stars. You’d need…let’s see a single skin is…250 Iron. So 500 iron would get you 2 skins right away.

12 stars/750 coins, so 3 times to get 2250.
Costs about 2000 coins for one character skin and

…you wouldnt have enough for a set of weapon skin, even if you got that 36 stars. You’d have to earn another 1000, which is another 24 stars to get 1500 more coins. Then you’d have 3750 minus 3400 for the weapons which is 350 coins remaining, obviously.

Sure you can buy boost, you’d get…

Ok. 15 days of boost is roughly $5 of real money. But say you get those fifteen days of boost, you get if you’re lucky…4 3-star challenges. That’s 4x6 - double stars with boost so you’d have…4 6 star challenges - That’s 24 stars so you’d gain 1500 coins. Not enough to even buy a single skin and you’re now out 5 bucks.

If you spent more money on $10 of iron, so you can reroll for…lets see what is it? 10 20 30 40 50? So 150 iron to reroll 5 times. How many stars do you think you’ll get?

Doesn’t matter if you get enough for that 36 stars needed for enough coins to unlock a single skin at 2000 coins. You just blew $1.50 for rerolls. $5.00 on the boost…$6.50 for one 2000 coin cosmetic.

That’s going to assume the RNG played nice and gave you challenges that aren’t one star (2 with boost)

If you’re gonna spend 5 to 10 bucks on iron…then you might as well buy 4 character skins at 250 iron each. Or two weapon sets.

Iron is an immediate return on investment. So again I’ll say it: boost is pointless and now I’ll say it’s even a colossal waste of money.