He who fires second...wins

so… Hes sprinting at me, so i shoot him in the top of his head. Then he stands up and blows me in half straight away (less than a foot in it). I understand “range drop off” but surely the guy who shoots first wins, or have we been doing showdowns wrong ever since the wild west!?


Is this Competitive?
There’s more Damage drop off.
The person who shot second, might have been closer to score gib.

Also, no clip.
Dunno about pings, and all that.
Sometimes when I shoot first, I’d get the kill.
Sometimes when I shoot second, I’d get the kill.
Seems random at times.
What about active reload?

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This is a difficult one.

I’ve had point blanks whether they are running at me, right next to me and what not go to 73-79-83-89% damage.

And then I get one-shot killed.

However, normally it is he who gets the first shot at a slight distance that can obviously get the next shot off and end up with the down / kill too.

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I do think the game sometimes makes it up as it goes along.

Sometimes “yes that’s a one shot” and another time, exactly the same “no, that was only 83%”



Exactly my point… That’s a stupid rule, a shotty spread at the top of his head at almost point blank range as he is running (my nuts are almost resting on his head) yes he can stand up and kill me because of a “rule”; i know gears isnt realistic but thats just plain idiotic.

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The damage dropoff is very unforgiving. A massive 17% drop because you did max damage just inches outside of gib range. I always try to fire early though, and often get the terrible 83%, but with the terrible lag comp and high ping of some players, if I wait any longer then they fire out of their roadie run (on my screen anyway because on theirs they have already stood up) or I wait a split second and we end up trading. So in many cases the person firing 2nd has a range advantage. The fact that damage can only be either 100% or 83% with the 1st shot of gnasher is frustrating as heck. The Coalition is terrible at math and they are unaware there are numbers between 83 and 100.

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Im not sure if you are referring to gib range or your shot not registering but in the case of it not registering this happens in competitive all the time since there is no lag comp / trade window (in Core its almost always a trade if they are both kill shots). I always refer to it as a false shot. On my screen I fire first with what looks like a gib shot. The enemy on his screen is actually ahead of what I see and fires first according to his screen. Whoever has the better ping and gets to the server first will be rewarded the kill. Lag comp essentially adjusts for this and opens a window that allows each player to be rewarded within a certain time frame because of the visual discrepancies between the two players.

Example: http://xboxclips.com/BetaX2r/aef94795-8b96-48f9-b38d-14fecf227b57

The gib range in this game is an absolute mess, maybe its from the blindfire/hardaim difference? I dunno but I swear there is a first shot disadvantage, I play it smart on a guy running up to me out of cover (I’m in cover) I LT him full spread in what they call gib range, I get 83-99% he gets the chunk… this is every time I play it happens. I pay for playing smarter, this shouldn’t be a thing. 9/10 it’s some guy lacking skill just running in head down that eats my shot and I’m dead right after.
The mechanics of the gnasher are really bad in this game.

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For me the gib range is extremely inconsistent.

You can shoot someone perfectly and get 83% and then get gibbed a second later at identicle distance.

It is always frustrating, especially when you time it correctly however it doesn’t give you the gib …