HDR on PC this time?

Huge disappointment pc gamers keep being treated unfairly with no hdr support in gears 4. No more excuses pls. Dev, support hdr on pc in gears 5 from the get go.

They probably will though, to be honest, I have both the One X version and the PC version of #4 and you need a really good monitor/TV to be able to gain any benefit. On my LED 4k hdr TV it’s barely noticeable (brights yes, darks no). Only on my OLED do I really notice. Certain levels, like Impact (both regular and dark) feel like you’re really outdoors because of either the deep blacks or piercing sunlight. Your eyes actually adjust to the lighting. It’s crazy. But, the trade off is that I can play VS at 4k on PC but not Xbox One X (which is 1080p HDR @ 60fps). While I love the feeling HDR gives you, 4K @ 60fps is just stunning. If they had an HDR version, it would probably leave me with the choice of either running SDR 4k @60 or HDR 1440 @60 (because the GPU can only do so much) and I’d choose 4k SDR every time.

I hope G5 is as good a performer as #4, resource-wise, so that we can run a number of high end features at once.

May I ask what led tv you have? I have oled but afraid to game on it because of the risk of burn in, so I plan to buy pg27uq monitor for 4k hdr

I think the burn in risk was probably a factor on earlier models, but I’ve seen no signs of burn in or even retention after 6 months of 16 hours a day use (as a PC monitor for work and as a gaming monitor at night). I can play gears for 4 hours and go to a black screen with zero trace of temporary retention. I’ve seen others say the same about this one (which is the LG B7a). I was very hesitant to spend $2k on a TV but it’s one of the most satisfying purchases I’ve ever made. They’re down to about $1,500 now.

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I’m sure it’ll be a available in a loot box or something.