HDD requirements?

Anyone know how much hard drive space will be required for Gears 5 on PC? I couldn’t find anything on the Windows store, or after a google search that said specific storage stats for PC. This site said 80GB: but I am not sure if it is PC, Xbone, or both: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/gears-5 (scroll down to the bottom below the Kate Diaz controller).

Thanks in advance for any other concrete data!

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Only thing I see from MS Store is Approximate size 100.84 MB


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I’m gonna say over 100GB.

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You can bet its around 100 GB every game this day and age is starting around that size, i believe gears 4 is sitting at 113 GB.


They mentioned they have better compression for Gears 5. There were no %s or #s mentioned, so it’s hard to make an accurate educated guess, but I feel it’ll launch at less than 100GB at least.

There’s also going to be far fewer FMV’s.

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That maybe so. But games are getting larger now. 4K textures creates large size installations for PC and XBX. I’m still sticking by the 100+ install size as a rough estimate.

133 on PC with all the DLC maps etc etc.

I am also gonig to guess around 100GB at launch for gears 5, but it is just a guess.

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