Having terminators in this game is the worst call they made

I don’t care that they aren’t canon. I’m not bothered by Emile, kat, Old Linda Hamilton. That’s all fine. The terminators are awful though. A CLEAR competitive advantage, significantly harder to detect and shoot.

I have nothing else to say.


They are cool looking but they are hard to see for sure at times. I feel like they are less noisey than other characters as well,

It’s too late now because the check TC took to put terminator in the game has long since been cashed. The T600 or whatever one is here to stay on gears 5.

I suggest if you hate it that much then use it as your vs character. I do that simply because I’m not going to play at a disadvantage to others using it.


Escape is the worst decision The Coalition made, along with the Class system and the Hero system.


The 600-Series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy. But these are new. They look human. Sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot. I had to wait till he moved on you before I could zero him.


Perfect response! :handshake:

Them in KOTH Exhibit :man_facepalming::unamused:.

@Mark36111 mark this is hilarious man !!

without a doubt man you’re on the way very close to become " the best GEARS 5 CELEBRITY " EVER man

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Ring ring


Hi Microsoft, it’s TC

Hi TC, how’s it going?

Great, the games ready for release

Great, thanx TC

^^^the REAL worse call they made^^^


Don’t mind the terminators, but I do mind the Halo characters as I cannot stand Halo…

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I played against a team of 5 terminators the other day, fun times. One was DBNO on the floor near me but I didn’t even notice until it started to get up.

I seem to be seeing more and more of them in ranked KOTH.

I’m not a big escape player but I think the idea is actually really cool, as is the fact that they are continually adding maps. If you don’t like the game mode that’s fine, but the fact that it’s in the game is really cool. And even the hero system…not my preference but I get it. They want horde players to feel like they’re leveling something up, and lots of games with hero set ups work well. Personally I think maybe it was a misstep but at least I get it. The terminators though…purely for money, and a clear advantage, even if that advantage was unintended. It just sucks to fight them. It’s not quite a pay to win situation but it doesn’t feel good.

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I understand the Hero system, i just think it was implemented badly, very badly. What they should have done if they wanted a Hero system is give others to play the same Character, if it is the same skin, if someone has a different skin, then that would be fine.
The Class system is what i think should have been restricted, there is no reason to have two Engineers in the game, nor is the and real reason to have two of any Character. I hate being in a game with two Engineers. I also hate the fact no one dumps Energy anymore, The Coalition want their head looking at, unless they really are attempting to kill Gears of War.
Escape does not make sense to me at all, in the game when you are caught by a Snatcher your chances of survival are minimal, in Escape it is 100%, you get cocooned 100% of the time, instead of melted inside its body, as you would in Horde or Campaign.
I am not a fan of PvP, so i have never actually seen a Terminator in action.

terminator and deebes are the best introduction in gears wtf you talking about

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heres a fun set up:
Character: terminator
All weapon Skins: onyx

Have fun

You can play peek a boo :ghost:
In the dark and catch players of guard cuz the probably can see you or your weapon lol

Black Phantom seems better.


I’d like to see Black Phantom Terminator.

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In Escape, before being caught by a Snatcher, the players wear a special mask. So maybe it gaves them some kind of protection. :thinking:
And correct me if I wrong, but isn’t a cooconed human became juvie, too!? :thinking:

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I only want gears characters in my game. Not halo charachter and no movie stuff…
But i do fill a little bit racist sayhing that😛

They become a juvie over time. Remember Marcus got podded in Gears 4 and survived, as did Oscar.

There is a reason why they aren’t allowed in eSports…

EDIT: though, to be perfectly honest, when I think of all the things I don’t like in this game, things which are making me not want to play it or spend money on it, terminators are very low on the list, haha…