Having fun is what I do lol

I usually play by myself because all my friends get busy or they have other squads they join but I’m a good player, had diamond 3 in KOTH in season 4. It’s tough playing solo but when you carry a team on your back the feeling is exciting when you get that W. I don’t take this game seriously anymore because of the multiplayer flaws but I just play to have fun. Anyone else play solo and had to carry the team for a W?

I play koth solo a lot. Nowhere your level, generally Gold 3, Onyx once!!! after my placement in season 5, I’m Silver 2 though…
Anyway in the games yesterday I seemed to be the only one interested in breaking and caping, my “team mates” must have thought they were playing tdm, so I know what you mean.
As for playing for fun, I try but the game conspires against you a lot of the time, so I end up frustrated and peed off. I then jump on UE or 3 for my fun.

It’s so stressful because I hate losing, but solo queuing or queuing with weak teammates can make for the best games you’ll ever play. Carrying a win is super rewarding, especially against the odds. On the other hand, getting spanked by 5-stacks and having useless teammates is the worst experience you can have lol.

Incoming screenshot spam of some of my fondest memories. Lmk if it’s annoying and I’ll delete them, but idk I enjoy looking at others’ screenshots.

KOTH slaying

4v5 the entire game against teabaggers

WRATH and I duo queued and got a full stack of PC against us. We beat them 180-179 in the third round :joy:

TDM Slaying

Escalation Close Games

And then when it doesn’t go your way…

FireArm is a pro player and CxLlN is a former semi pro or competitive player of some sort. We ended up losing 7-5 because it was a 4v5.

You Canadian?

I jumped on UE awhile back and got spanked because I had to readjust to the movement and weapon tuning. Lol

No Mate, what makes you say that ?
I’m from England. If you ever see me on, I ALWAYS use the “London supporter” emblem, only ever seen it a couple of times. The GB in my tag does not stand for Great Britain though, they are my initials :wink:

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I know mate :wink:
I have to adjust AND play TDM, which I do not “love” AND play on US servers as hardly anyone plays in the UK!

I went back on to 4 a week or so ago after a few weeks on UE,My god the movement is totally different, 4 is about 4 times faster for a start. I love UE and have 1000 (or was it 1250, anyway I have all of them) gamer scored it, just a shame it is so dead.

I use to care about my rank but now it’s just bleh to me. I still try and be a try hard just to beat the odds but some matches go my way but most don’t lol

Indeed it is a very satisfying experience but at the same time it can be fustrating when you have terrible teammates.

I play solo. I play for fun. I hardly notice what is going on with other people unless they are attention seekers or super frikking boring (90% of Gears Players). Got some MVP’s last night but didn’t take notice of anyone else on my Team. There have been times I’ve been playing for hours then got the First Win Of The Day. I hadn’t noticed I had been losing till that point. I just enjoy playing KOTH. Simple as that.

There was a guy last night thought I was calling him out (yep) because “I killed you, that’s why. I think so. Yeah”. Then someone got MVP and was “I’ll take that MVP too ■■■■■■■” then he left when I got a few MVP’s - with 0 comment - then someone says he left “Because I killed him”. Beats me how they can actually enjoy playing if they believe this BS.