Having a great time playing Gears

This game is definitely my favorite game to play right now! I don’t have any complaints. I have been playing Gears since Gears one this one has to be my favorite so far. With all the adds, and the detail is great. I am up top of the leaderboard almost every game! Just can’t wait until some new maps come out. I play mainly ranked Koth, so if you are down to play I will be on all weekend long.
Add me on Xbox, A twitch gamer.
Make sure you send a message. I look forward to meeting new people that also are enjoying this game as much as I am.


THANK YOU! Finally someone positive.


Yeah man this game just came out, of course it’s going to have a few issues. I dont know why people just get on fourms to complain lmao :joy: I would hate to see the PUBG fourms when that game first hit on Xbox.


Negative noob, get some skill then you might like the game. Lmao🤣


Yeah bro yeah I hear you

Im glad you enjoy it, but as a gamer who grew up placing quarters on the arcade only to get smashed, going home and getting some lab time in to get better then eventually being the one smashing - I hate it.

Delays on everything to give those without the reaction speed a chance. Generous aim assit.

I need to come to grips with the fact that “everyone is a winner” now.

Guess it’s back to xrd for me now.

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Game is probably one of the best in the series people need to give the coalition credit


I would say Gears 5 is the best one yet! Great game.


Finally no one left . 50 waves done.


yea basically participation trophy generation meets gears of war.

theyre handin out kills like candy on Halloween

100% agree, we play koth ranked and nearly always win, having a blast at the moment but the lack of MAPS is a disappointment, hope this can be sorted out asap and made top priority, no nerfs of buffs required, game is brilliant fun as it is.


I was thinking the exact same thing, so much negativity on these forums at the moment.


My only complaint is it seem either
A) Lancer damage took a small nerf in last update in Ranked and classic. Or
B) Something is effecting hit ration ill hit people in the head and it doesnt register or ill get 6 hit markers on same person amd it will say i only hit twice for 16%
Or something along the lines

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Gears 5 is awesome!!


Wow. Anyone with a brain can tear this quote to shreds. There are so many things wrong with it I don’t even know where to start.

You assumed:

Critics aren’t good at the game
Being at the top requires skill
Being at the top makes you like it somehow

I’m MVP quite often and I have many issues with versus. Number one is aim assist. Any ranged weapon is too easy, thereby putting a significant damper on what is at the heart of Gears in my mind, CQC. Don’t get me wrong, I think lancer has its place and I’ve gotten many a kill with it. I’m not a gnasher purist in any way shape or form. Hell I’ve used the enforcer more times than I care to admit in 4.

My headshot count with precision weapons and pistols has doubled or tripled in G5. Does that mean I like the game more or I have more fun now? No. It means the skill gap has closed. I can only assume others are doubling their counts too. I could go on with other just as important issues but I’ve already beat it to death.

Maybe I’m just in the minority but I don’t want to play something where everyone jumps in and gets a kill. Not my cup of tea. That’s what drew me to this game in the first place. It’s a tough (was tougher) game to get good at.


It’s fine to post your opinions and positivity but you’re not doing any good for your cause when you say things like this IMO.

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you can like the game all you want but to neglect glaring issues from game design will not make this game reach its potential and its got a long way to go till it is anywhere near an objectively good gears of war game. as much as tc devs hate to hear that. let go of your ego and realize where you have made mistakes and rectify them. " if you somehow believe that what you are doing is the greatest thing ever all the time, its absolutely not gonna be the greatest ever."

Even though it has it’s flaws, and the Ranking system is bugged in so many ways, I actually love this game. Hopefully TC finds a middle and keeps weapons consistent. I don’t want a weapon tuning change every season like Gears 4

I’m going to try to assume you’re on the level with this and that this isn’t a bait thread.

So, first thing I want to say is congrats that you’re enjoying it, however, if you have looked around here you would notice a lot of players have issues with something or the other. Anyone playing this game has the right to voice those complaints where they feel like they’ll be noticed.

Wow so much negativity. You guys act like previous Gears titles didn’t have issues at launch.
Things like aim assist can be tweaked on totally ditched by TC if it deems it necessary.
Give it time the game has only been out around a week.


This game is phenomenal. I really don’t understand some of the negativity. Is it perfect? No. But that can change with time. Definitely the best Gears has been in a long time.

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