Have you shamed your family name by getting Forged/lasered/railroaded?

Are you like me and feel incredibly stupid and think it’s a sign of your moral failings if you manage to get killed by the Exhibit lasers, by the Asylum train, or when someone activates the Forge? After brief initial rage comes acceptance and humor, because it’s rare, and therefore rarely not funny to me. I think that every use of the Fahz/JD “<mean laugh/chuckle>” emote is warranted if I slip like that.

And I usually have time to stew because in Horde your COG tags typically drop to Exhibit’s lower kiosk that randoms never notice or check, and that usually makes it harder to resurrect you even if they do.

Has anyone even more ignominiously gotten crushed by Nexus’ doors? Or died on the Reactor coil ramps? (Is that even possible?!? When that map was first released, I’d assumed the steam would be damaging but was disappointed.)

I don’t quite think getting squished in “The Trap” hive’s doors are in the same category, but has your last remaining team member left gotten crushed at a hive exit? Or have you been non-AFK killed by a venom bomb blast?

It’s not an original sentiment but I wish there were more multiplayer maps with environmental hazards. We don’t have things like the eponymous Avalanche anymore (which, as a Horde main, I never really got to enjoy it anyway). Actually, the thing that’s bugged me most for years is why, oh why, has Foundation been literally dangling that tarped crate tease in front of me like Thrashball’s (also Versus-only, grr) scoreboard?


I think once you’ve been hit by the train on Tyro Station, nothing can faze you.


Curse that dam ring🤬

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I had a pretty bad Asylum clip I was going to post but then realized I was so ashamed I never clipped it.

Last time i got fried in the forge I was jumping the wall into the markza pick-up room and rubber banded over into the fire somehow.

Its not always our own dumb fault.

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I recently played some gears of war 3.

Playing koth on drydock and managed to grab the mortar, curse those dam metal beams.

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On yesterday’s Icebound daily, I got smug doing most of the killing out of randoms as bleedless Anchor. It’d gotten to one of those in-wave lulls with few enemies left immediately close, and my shield had plenty of time left for safety, so thought I’d finally go pick up the useless AI that had crawled around the map to back near our fish market base. I didn’t think it through to wait 3 seconds for the AI to make it the last few feet to solid ground, so of course the Boomshot to the shield gave us all stim exactly like I planned… and also broke the ice underneath so I and my good buddy Casan died a frozen and moronic death on our doorstep.

The other 3 humans weren’t up to the task and therefore my act of stupidity ended the run shortly thereafter.

When watching the early access streamers play Gears 5 one Esports pro got killed by the lasers in Exhibit 3 times in a single TDM match.

After that, I never felt bad for my occasional environmental death :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sometimes on Asylum, I like to be a jackass and dodge the train at the last moment.


And that is why you leave the idiotic AI to die when it charges all the way to the other side of the map for literally no reason at all.

TC couldn’t even get their pathing or player following capabilities right after making them completely and utterly worthless on high difficulties.

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Did you perhaps mean “jackrabbit”, as in some rural animal running in front of my car at the last second for the apparent adrenaline rush or the lulz at human panic-braking/swerving? :slight_smile: Or are both you and squirrels trying to trigger an Easter egg?

I tripped Asylum’s Easter egg once unintentionally while defending that lane, but didn’t see or understand it, only heard it, so spent the rest of the match trying to figure out why I’d never heard the Cole Train on that map before.

Come to think of it, the modern Easter egg on Checkout is technically an environmental hazard, and certainly fits into the self-inflicted stupidity category of this topic…

I never realized you could die by environmental stuff on Reactor. Is this PVE only?

Actually, I’m the opposite I love pressing that forge button just to see my teamates get melted like butter.


I was going to say something along the lines of it not being a thing to be ashamed of to be caught in the incinerator, especially if it’s activated by a careless teammate or it’s on purpose… or someone’s feeling mischievous. I admit I have sometimes felt tempted to do it.

Getting caught in the Exhibit lasers? The stupid things practically make no noise and are easy to overhear when there’s guns going off(very frequent in Horde, as you would expect).

Now the Asylum trains… there’s little excuse for that, if you ask me. You get three separate cues for it - the red lights along the entire track and the two barriers that lower, the train horn that goes off well before it actually passes along, and the bells(?) announcing the impending passage of the train. Five if you count the barriers lowering and the slight screen shake when the train is about to rush through. I always shake my head in disappointment and mild amusement when I see someone get caught by the trains. Only amusement when I see an enemy get run over.

I was once furious. Sort of. When the train stole my kill haha
I was anchor shooting at this Scion. He staggered on to the train tracks just in front of the passing train.

No, no, no! What you should’ve said was ”I was fighting this stubborn Scion as an Anchor. Just as he was about to die he decided to run and catch the train! I yelled COWARD! but I don’t think he heard me.”

Make it puntacular. The worst the better.

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You did it for me perfectly! :laughing:

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No, it’s PvP as well, and to answer my own question experimentally, yes, apparently you eventually catch fire and can die from it.

It takes sooo long, though, that under any reasonable DBNO time setting I can’t imagine anyone not cognitively/motor impaired could’ve ever had it happen in the real match, unless you’re playing as Jack in Horde and can’t move when down. Therefore no one will ever cop to the pure, refined shame of dying this way.


Cole Train: “Wooooo!” :joy: