low ping wins again

The other team doing a staggering, 3k more damaged than you combined

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maybe their ping wasnt bad enough

How was Deathmonster 89 not ripping through everyone

he was though like he said it himself “ez”

My thoughts exactly. It looks like he barely crawled into a positive K/D ratio.

Not very fitting for a “Death Monster”.

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A true MVP performance then

HiGh PiNg WiNzZ aGaiiN

I actually contacted a few of the people listed. They all said they had the packet loss symbol :woman_shrugging:

listed where, in the pic? If it’s the two people on 170+ my money is on them having the wifi icon and not being able to tell the difference.

It was for humor man.

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@myexcheatedonme Sweet sweet humble brag bro. Its a 4 v 3. And your 127 ping gives you some super awesome lag comp advantage. Try again. Fail.
@GB6_Kazuya @SnubbbS deathmonster. Its irony. Like when you call a fat guy “slim”.

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It was a 5v5 my man i just took the picture late ge force experience wouldnt let me screenshot before the players left i hate taking screenshots on pc xbox is way easier

Well, I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it.

U gotta catch me streaming one of these days u will see how bad the gears 4 matchmaking is and how hard i have to work just cos im a diamond 5 lol

@myexcheatedonme fair enough. I dig your gt by the way. Hilarious.

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