First match of the day is probably the main reason. Also, it took a while for Cloud Gaming to establish good connection. My Xbox has a wired connection to the router so it wasn’t as bad as when I had wireless internet.

I think Cloud Gaming will get better but to be the best for online MP it’s still a long way to go.


set your server to brazil south, then in the game put faster matchmaking so you get into NA lobbies, and you’ve got yourself a constant 200-270 ping — you’ll surely never lose another match.


Such a clever boy. Now if one of the people said they had the packet loss symbols……

Then all sorts of things could happen in a game. Right? Shots not registering and such. Anything is possible with those powerful symbols. Lord knows servers and connections never lose a single packet until those magical flying symbols appear.

You quite literally do not understand how packet loss works — you don’t even know how the symbols work. You think the packet loss symbol just comes on randomly for no reason? Or doesn’t show (also for no reason)?

I’ve shown more evidence of being cheated by packet loss in one youtube video than literally every single High ping is an advantage moron in the last 5 years combined.

Just download exitlag, play on 200-270 ping. I’m looking into other vpns to play on EU servers — maybe get one of those so your ping will be 90, or 120 — whichever magic number you personally believe is the one that allows… wait literally none of you have ever explained what it does. Does it make your shots stronger, does it make you eat more shots? What’s going to happen for me if I find the perfect laggy ping to play on?

edit: The symptoms of packet loss are all extremely obvious and incredibly weird to anyone experiencing them — I’ve played maybe 25,000-30,000 matches on GoW dedicated servers (Gow3/J/4/UE/GoW5 combined) and have never experienced anything like what was shown in my youtube vid.

I hope you can find a good vpn that will allow you to dodge all the wacky servers with packet loss. As a matter of fact, that’s the answer to all your packet loss threads. Go play on foreign servers. Since ping doesn’t matter, you’ll be fine.

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103 Kills

4 Caps

That’s not a KOTH carry my guy that’s just playing for kills. Should be playing the objective too, no?


Gotta boost that K/D amiright?

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I mean like… I guess but like… it’s a mediocre game why flaunt it with such brovado.

It’s not a clip like this Xbox Clips - View your xbox clips, Xbox game clips, and screenshots. The best xboxclips website! Better than XboxClips.com - buster mctunder playing Gears 5

I’ve never said ping doesn’t matter, I’ve said high ping is terrible and low ping is amazing.

I can list off the specific and numerous tragedies that having packet loss causes, how they impact the gameplay and show hours of examples. The HiGh PiNg AdVaNta6eZ boys can’t even decide on what the ideal ping, nor provide anywhere near the same amount of examples, nor really even tell me what they think/know it does. This is all against the backdrop of every single one of you at some point playing on either an overseas server or a server on the opposite coast.

You know what happens when you have really bad ping — like 300/400 ping? You teleport around — why aren’t there more videos of people dying to others who are teleporting? I know there are some, but why aren’t there more?

You know something that happens when you have packet loss? Your shots never come out — in 10 hours of playing on packet loss servers I have thousands of examples if we include lancer shots.

Nope. Names don’t add up. I don’t accept this.

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Didn’t you get a new, better connection right before your problems started?

The three who stayed just off their GT alone is enough to know they’re bots on OP’s team and locust too

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I mean honestly, their gts smelt like black steel baird and imago.

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They’re not my problems considering everyone experiences packet loss in the lobbies where I’m experiencing the packet loss, and no — these problems are one month going and my connection is 4 months old.

So I’m curious.

You have a theory about packet loss. Do tell.


To my knowledge this is the only info about packet loss symbols that’s ever been put on the forum by a TC employee. If you know more than this, please share.

I’m not talking about my conspiracy theory until I have more circumstantial evidence — I need a week.

Ex tc employee😊

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Listen Buster, the “H” in KOTH stands for “Homicide”. Clearly having 103 kills helped more to win than the 2nd place team member with 22 caps. That guy was slacking with only 63 kills.


Honestly such rookie numbers I’m surprised it wasn’t your alt.

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Hey Im just a poor man who can only record quads.

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