A bigger carry in your life man i need to invest in a bigger backpack :school_satchel: yes im the guy at top :tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue:

High ping wins again.


Is the ranking system still bugged on that game? Last I knew, it ranked you down after every match no matter what until you hit bronze 1, which is where you stayed.

Wait what lmaooooooo high ping actually puts me at a disadvantage compared to everyone else everything is desynced for me i should be the one getting carried not the other way round :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No TC changed it back a while ago. You can still earn rank.

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I have no recent memory of anyone showing this type of PvP carry, but I have to ask, how much opposition did you exactly face in a 4v3 where you had the player advantage? Not to devalue anything, but the screenshot doesn’t tell us how much of a fight the enemy team put up. Or if they were farmed for score.

Also, you might have posted this in the Gears 5 section.

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people who’ve never lagged a day in their lives talking about high ping — literally could screenshot every game I play showing someone with good ping in first place.

Everytime I open my eyes

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Gow4… lol
4v3… lol

You forgot to mention that there isnt a single Onyx or higher level player on the enemy team.

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Played a few weeks ago.

High ping didn’t help the Diamond 1 to win the match. MarieCurie777 is the account I’m playing on.

You’ve posted an absolute glitch in the matrix. High ping is clearly helping DRogadiction687 but not ll Scr34m FL — how can this be???

I wish I’d known the answer. High ping is clearly very selective on who to help. It’s like Santa Claus, if you’ve been naughty, no help for you.

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He actually mvp’d, so I don’t see the point.

But if people claim that high ping helps players that Diamond should have way more kills than me. Yes he capped 7 times vs my 10 but that’s not the point.

My ping is never lower than 90 in gears 4. Sometimes it’s over 100-150. I get wins and losses but it depends how well I play and how well my teammates do.

Sometimes I just miss my shots.


There could be numerous reason for such a high kill tally, not gona go into it though but gg.

As I see it - as soon as 2 people quit on the opposite team they just started farming kills without capping the ring.

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No one has ever claimed that you don’t have to have some skill. Except snubbs and you with the Santa thing above. The whole match you posted was a high ping fest.

Just looking at the scoreboard, the guy right below you was probably the best player in the game. He just didn’t seem interested in capping. The guy below him, while having a high ping, was obviously of lower skill.

everybody has a high ping nowadays in gears 4. Or at least that’s what I see when I play.
So basically if it’s all up to the individual skills then people shouldn’t say that high ping or low ping gave an advantage.

Fun fact - since that match I uninstalled g4 but last week decided to play via Cloud Gaming.
Surprisingly my ping was low (65) BUT the connection was horrible. Lag and frame drop… I managed to do 6 kills in two rounds because I kept on missing my shots.
The other players had higher ping than me but that’s not the reason I lost. I was just terrible.

“Everyone has a high ping in Gears 4 nowadays”.


I believe you.

Yes, I’d say skill is mostly the deciding factor in games when all pings are similar.

I’ve wondered what cloud gaming would initially be like. I suspect it’s a few years from being fun. Why do you think you were missing shots? Maybe a bad day? Timing off somehow?