Have you even played the campaign?

On both Gears 4, and 5 I immediately jumped into horde mode. I’ve probably played 20 minutes of the campaign. Too many cinematics… I appreciate some of the scenes from the campaign, but I like Gears for the action and in some respects the story does the franchise a diservice. How many games might you have thought the characters were cool until they opened their mouths. Not much is left to the imagination these days…I guess I"m just old school and prefer the simplicity of jumping right into action and puytting my imagination to work a little.

This makes no sense to me at all?
“too many cinematics”
“story does the franchise a disservice”

I also do not understand what you mean by being “old school, jumping into the action” etc what has that got to do about old school?

Are you basing your thoughts solely on Gears 4 and 5 campaigns only ?



Huh? I don’t understand how you came to this conclusion. I mean, you say youve barely touched the campaign afterall…

But given that you’ve barely played the campaign, there should be plenty of room for imagination…?

Also, why on earth is leaving it to “imagination” when it comes to characters, a thing? You’re supposed to learn about the characters through some form of narrative.

You mean old school as in 80s video games where there was at best, just a basic narrative of “fat plumber rescues princess”?

GOW fans…


I don’t understand the point of this post.

Not being rude, just genuinely perplexed.

Are you complaining about the campaign? Or you just came to say that you like playing the modes instead of campaign?

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So uh… I don’t know, cutscenes in a story-based mode are usually normal. And Gears 4 or 5 are hardly over the top when it comes to them.

Cutscenes also usually serve a certain purpose of not making the player suffer through countless exposition dumps, or in some cases things that would not be particularly contributive to gameplay but have to happen for story or what have you. If they bother you, there’s literally a skip button, but why would you play a story mode to skip over what is there to add to the story?


Despicable. I have a very strict procedure with every game in which Campaign is the priority. The thought of casually encountering new enemies in Horde without having seen their proper introduction in Campaign is just ridiculous.

I may be wrong, but sometimes ‘cinematics’ are basically the point of Campaign to an extent. In this Franchise it would be relatively difficult to successfully create certain emotional segments to an impactful standard through pure gameplay alone i.e. if Dom were to just crash in the background without the cutscene and speech to Maria.

This has now successfully been added to my Top 5 Most Disgusting Forum Quotes. Log out. Begone with you. Seriously, with lore this rich how can you even type that?! Heresy of the highest order. You do yourself a disservice by failing to properly appreciate this Franchise’s story.

Yes, well the advancement of game developing allows for more content and creativity that expands and strengthens a game’s storytelling capabilities.

That’s not old school, that’s subhuman.

But not to worry. There’s always Pong if you prefer simplicity and the opportunity to imagine in-depth characteristics and a detailed story for the two rivalling upright rectangles.


I’ve played them all of course.

First thing to do upon installing the game, at least for G1- Judgement. G4 and G5? Straight to versus, only picked up campaign in a moment of boredom several months later.

You can like them, hate of them or whatever. There is simply no way I would love the Carmines the way I do without playing the campaigns, sure voice lines are cool but you need context and that’s where the campaigns add value to the whole picture. I fail to see the “disservice” you mention.

I’m basing my thoughts on the broader scope of gaming history, and the conversations I’ve had in recent years with friends of my generation. Back in the day, games were games, and cinematics were reserved for the theatre. You wouldn’t go into the Arcade, pop in a quarter and watch a ■■■■■■■ movie kid lol.

Sometime in the life cycle of the PS1, titles like Metal Gear and Final Fantasy went ape ■■■■ with in game cinema. The technology finally allowed for it and I think devs wanted to push the limits and marry the mediums to an extent. In the years to follow, it’s been my personal opinion that in game cinematics, and the components used for in game cinema & mainstream story telling have been over emphasized. I think it’s over emphasized because it’s difficult to do well, and story elements of poor quality can detract more from a game than the absence of certain story telling elements altogether.

Even in the movies it seems uncommon for the stars to align where the acting, writing, and directing is all top notch…so I’d much rather concede those aspects and reinvest them in the aspects that truly carry the game. I don’t see why anyone here should be getting so up in arms; it’s “interactive” entertainment first and foremost. You can still tell a good story and throttle the story elements. If this is so conceivable, how does one explain the success of game franchises such as Mario & Zelda, which have somehow made amazing games with lead characters that never speak? Or how does one explain the success of game modes like Nazi Zombies, where the story was an after thought…or how does one explain the success of any video game in the 80’s and 90’s? Maybe you haven’t truly thought about what you truly love about Gears… think that’s what the intent of this topic is; because for me, it’s not the ■■■■■■■ story…I could give a ■■■■ less about the drama surrounding these tree-trunk neck grumbly voiced mofos…and I don’t need a formal introduction to an ugly ■■■ alien before I shoot him in the ■■■■■■■ face. :).

Maybe we can have a little spoiler alert now and you guys can clue me in to the super amazing story drama I’ve been missing out on?? In the interest of time I skipped around a little here: (10) Gears 5: The Movie - All Cutscenes And Story Scenes - YouTube This is what it boils down to for me: you want me to forgo the opportunity of blasting aliens in the face for an epic tale of daddy issues? I’m sure it’s better than that, all I’m saying is that the story doesn’t entice me, and when I say it does a disservice, it’s because the story detracts from what I love most about Gears, the action and gunplay; It detracts because if i’m WATCHING Gears, I’m not PLAYING Gears.

Where have you been for the last 3 or 4 console generations? Games have had well written and acted stories for a LONG time now. We’ve long since moved past Pac-Man and Galaga. Campaigns are more interesting when there’s context as to why you’re doing what you’re doing. Instead of just “eat the dots” or “shoot the space invaders” we now have interesting plotlines and cinematics in games to get the best of both worlds. You become more immersed in the world. You connect with characters and their struggles. Plus the numbers have shown that Videogames are a much more popular medium for entertainment tha cinema. Videogames have long since surpassed cinema in popularity and revenue. So basically people are saying they want interesting plot in their videogames. The story and visual quality of a movie combined with the interactive fun of a videogame.

In my personal opinion, Gears 4 and 5 are the weaker entries in the franchise story wise. But I don’t think they’re terrible. You note games like Mario, Zelda and the zombies gamemode in COD. Yes those games are very popular and don’t have much to offer in the story and plot department. But that doesn’t mean that Gears doesn’t need a campaign. It’s just a case of “different strokes for different folks”. You can have a fun and engaging campaign with or without a story. Some want a story, others don’t. That’s why you have Horde and PvP multiplayer. Nobody is forcing you to play the campaign if you don’t care. But the campaign has been an integral part of the Gears experience since the beginning. Which just makes this thread come off as a bit strange that you waited until the 6th entry in the franchise to complain about it.

Also you mention that you’d prefer there be no story so that more attention could be focused on the PvP/PvE aspects of the game. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times. Just because someone is an employee at TC, that doesn’t mean that they work on every aspect of the game. If you pull away someone from working on cinematics, they’re not going to magically know how to design multiplayer maps or work on weapon tunings.

All in all, if you don’t care for the story, that’s your opinion. No one is forcing you to play it and the removal of a campaign would most likely not result in Multiplayer improvements. Games like Black Ops 4 is evidence of that. So this thread is a tad pointless if you ask me.

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I played the campaign for hours. I finished it and I believe I got all the collectibles (Probably not all the components because the saving was weird on them, but I remember getting most of them).

"Campaigns are more interesting when there’s context as to why you’re doing what you’re doing. Instead of just “eat the dots” or “shoot the space invaders”

This is what I’m talking about, is this generation so void of creativity that they cannot make infer a little after 7 ■■■■■■■ Gears of War related games? You’re not void of context if you have some limited capacity to recall anything about the other games.

Even though I appreciation a well done campaign…let me play devils advocate… is Overwatch just a ■■■■ game that makes no sense in your book? Do you recognize that there are means of interjecting context beyond a traditional campaign, or through sleepy cinematics? Let me get this straight people are saying “they want interesting plots in their games”, and the industry answers with Overwatch, Fortnite, and Counterstrike? EA totally scrapped their Battlefield campaign (in recent years mind you) I guess these devs must be as out of touch as my old ■■■. RTCW is one of my favorite games of all time, and it’s not because of the single player campaign…the multiplayer mode also had practically nothing to do with the campaign. It also had a spin-off game Wolf ET that was one of the first Free to Play shooters I can recall; and was wildly successful.

I think a fundamental question needs to be considered before the conversation can progress. Would you play a game with amazing gameplay but with either a ■■■■ story, or no story at all MORE than you would play a game with an amazing story, but ■■■■ gameplay? I don’t see this as a personal preference kind of question. At somepoint the story is over, and all you’re left with is the game. Story IS king in the movies, but Gameplay is king in the gaming world. If it weren’t for the amazing gameplay of gears, I never would have cared about the characters in the first place.

Why is it difficult to understand that I waited until now to mention my issues with the campaign? You said yourself, Gears 4 and 5 are the weaker entries…so is this not as good a time as any to ask “why bother”. If they would have reallocated resources from the campaign into providing a coherent button configuration on PC it would have been worth it in my book to scrap the campaign.

I don’t think the thread is pointless, I think what you’ve chosen to interject into the topic has been pointless.
Interesting enough, SnubbS has come in with the most robust and interesting comment: “no”.

That is absolute bullshyte. People were lined up around the block to play the Dragon’s Lair arcade because we were essentially playing a cartoon/movie.

As time progressed the cinematics in games became the reward for playing. It helps break up monotonous gameplay and gives the player a necessary break in the action.


I think it’s weird when games are more, or as much about the story as they are gameplay, but there has to be some sort of reason why this is more the case now than it was between like 2003-2006 when I played offline games just for fun.

I didn’t want to play San Andreas because I thought the story was going to be good, I wanted to drive around and shoot guns in a realistic looking world. I wanted to play Dead Rising because I wanted to shoot zombies, I wanted to play Crackdown because I wanted to play as some weird supersoldier. Spiderman because I wanted to swing around new york for no reason, Resident Evil 4 because Zombies, Kingdom hearts because of Disney characters, Hitman & Splinter Cell because of being an Assassin, Tenchu/Ninja Gaiden because being a ninja, and GoW1 because it was the first game I ever saw that had cool looking cover mechanics, plus it looked like an action horror game.

And after I started playing GoW it changed the way I looked at games, and from then on the only other games I played were sports games, so I’m frozen in this 2006-era mindset.

Like apparently ‘The Last of Us’ is like the best game ever created or something, and every time I ask someone they tell me about the gripping story or whatever — I don’t even know what you do in the game and I’ve never heard anyone tell me the gameplay is the best part it’s always the story.

These games must sell well to be greenlit in the first place, but they’re simply not created for people like me.

Edit: Like a month ago I was in an argument with someone, they listed a bunch of games I’d never heard of so I looked them up and most were single player titles like, idk, it’s so not for me I don’t see the point at all tbh.

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Uh what? Thats the first thing I play before any online play. Granted this story line is meh compared to the original trilogy its still a good time. Who plays horde anyway? That may be the worst mode there is no offence.

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Listen im not going to go over your rant point for point. So I’m just going to go over some key things

First off, you’re strawmanning. I never said that only games with stories make sense.

  1. Games like overwatch do make sense to me. Your condescension did not go unnoticed. Psssst, newsflash, Overwatch actually has a story. Just not in the form of a campaign. And the sequel will have a story and cutscenes because people wanted it.

  2. Do you not understand that people can like both types of games? Lmao. Believe it or not people can like more than one kind of game. Shocker, I know. I love Deadrising too and its story is lacking and very schlocky but the gameplay is awesome. Whereas I also love Spec Ops The Line. One of the most barebones 3rd person shooters in existence, but has an extremely interesting plot/campaign.

  3. There are some games that inject story through the gameplay itself. But very few do so to a successful result. Because a lot of devs resort ti NPC exposition dumps. Which I’d argue is more sleep inducing than a cutscene. If I’m in the game, I want to play. Not have my character standing there telling me the lore. That can be done more interestingly and concisely through a cutscene. Players are less likely to pay attention to plot when done in-game outside of cutscenes. Take the original Titanfall for example. It had no campaign and tried doing story through radio based exposition dumps in the middle of Multiplayer matches. I GUARANTEE not a single soul gave a rats *** about that because they were more concerned with blowing up giant mechs.


What I will say though, is that GOW5 hasn’t been great with the “slow-walking-simulator” sections which are in effect, cutscenes (the sections which force you to walk through sections and be unable to do anything else except maybe pick up collectibles, and are designed so that exposition can be delivered through character dialogue; and probably to buy the game time to load up upcoming sections). Obviously other games do this alot too, but it’s very frustrating nonetheless.


I remember you could skip those walking conversations with Anya/Control in older Gears.

”Marcus, we’ve got your position and ar-…”

”Delta, be warned there’s Locust i-…”

Good times.

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Yes, yes. I-I-I-I understand.