Have to play in order for quit penalty to go away?

Currently getting negative 15,000 xp and negative 500 credits. If I have to play in order to get this penalty to go away I’m uninstalling. No point in playing a broken game.

If you intentionally quit a ranked match, yes you would have to clear your xp and credit debt as ranked is a commitment and you must complete full matches. Unfortunately this is also the case for unintentional scenarios like the server kicking you out and giving the penalty. Other people been experiencing this issue.

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How many times did you quit to be losing that much?!

Most of them are disconnections

That depends if he is an intentional quitter rather than the game kicking him out constantly.

If thats the case try to reach to @CoalitionGears or @OctusTC to see what can be done if its genuinely as a result of disconnections.

In the mean time you have no choice but to try clear the xp and credit debt unfortunately.