Have the rules for MVP changed?

Finished the game with 800 points more than the person with the second most points, I was in the losing team, he was in the winning team,

He gets MVP???

I know it doesn’t really matter, but I lost ranking points because of it.

MVP is the best player on the winning team. Been like this for a while.

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Haven’t ever noticed.

That’s bulls**t

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Since the beginning of OP3 if I’m not mistaken…


People complained of being MVP and loosing rank. TC’s magical solution? You cannot be MVP if your team loses even if you double in points the top player on the winning team.

Clearly not the solution everyone was looking for but strictly speaking, the original issue is fixed.


There was a fair bit of outcry when this changed. TC did address this on stream and said it was unlikely to revert back.

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What issue are you referring too? I wasn’t the best player but I want MVP? lol

Before it was patched, MVP was the one with the most points, pure and simple yet due to the the ranking system being the way it is, even being the top player meant losing points if your team lost. This never happened in G4.

Naturally people complained, if I’m MVP, how the heck the system de-ranked me with a loss? TC was supposed to fix ranked but instead took a “different approach”: You cannot be MVP if your team loses, hence you cannot be MVP and loose points at the same time. Issue fixed.


You forgot to add the image


Lol, I had that image in my mind while typing. Now the answer is perfect :smile:

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So Its a rank system issue. Lame

If they update to stop crashing every 15 minutes I might play again.

It’s like they gave me the crashing problem cus they knew I’d give up on the MVP problem…

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