Have TC abandoned Gears 4?

Since E3 and the announcement of Gears 5 the servers have been dire;

  • occasionally doesn’t connect to services
  • constant string of matches dissolved
  • locks you in lobbies that have dissolved with penalties
  • host randomly booted to main menu incurring bans.
  • matches dissolved during deployment
  • Leading to average wait time for 5/6 mins at best
  • ping fluctuates from 9 my standard to 228!
  • matched with players on the other side of the world with ridiculous ping
  • Gnasher shoots confetti every other round.
  • rubber banding…i could go on.
    i would understand if it was due to high traffic because of the trailer and XP hype. But you still cycle through the same players if you manage to actually find games. Have they abandoned Gears 4 throwing ■■■■■■ loot boxes at us as they try and makes us like Gears of… cough Gears 5

i wouldnt say abandoned but they definitely have less assets working on gears 4 now which is understandable if they want gears 5 to be a better experience

Any type of experience would be a better experience! The direction and choices they’ve made to do with the franchise have already caused enough to lose faith. But when the ones who stick by it and stayed are being ignored and left with a game in a pretty unplayable state. You’ll be on for 2 hours and might have had 2 games…
This to me isn’t forward thinking like you say, and feels more like TC is turning a blind eye pretending the car isn’t on fire.


Dont buy Gears 5. Or dont let TC get their money off of it. Buy it used and dont give in to microtransactions. That is what I plan on doing.


As frustrating as this game can be at times. I’m still going to buy Gears 5 when its comes out. Pulling the cash flow from TC will only make things worse IMO.

When were they investing time into it?

You’re right the game is exactly the same as when it came out…nothings been added…

Look they’re giving the game away for FREE. Microsoft and they’re stupid Game Pass, forcing studios to try and bleed gamers dry another way… Endless woodskins! Microsoft have forced TC to rely on the cancer of paid loot boxes!

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So you think rehashed maps/characters are a nice addition? You’re a fool if you consider these things “New”


No one said anything about new…and lets be honest its better than not getting any addition at all… you think people complain now?

Just imagine playing the game as it was on release…it would be even more deserted than it is now.

Trust me I’m not trying to argue with you. I’m just saying they have invested time…just in all the wrong places lol

I am sure you are familiar with Siege… The game was a mess…now its arguably the best fps on the market… They released everything since…FOR FREE now its player base is ridiculous… Gears 4 is a pure spaghetti mess. That they just added a little s*it sauce to… I feel like an idiot actually defending the game or TC now…
They’ve laughed at us all


I’m not getting #5, nope no way.


Damn, now I’ll have to buy two copies to compensate …

Opinions might change over time, as more info drops.
People might be saying they don’t want to or won’t be getting Gears 5 but fast forward to 2019, and they might as well end up buying it or game shared.

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Same issue this past weekend. I had some ok games then 45 minutes of attempting to play using everyone in our group to host and no connection to any game. This is the only game I ever play and it is beyond frustrating.


I know they will.

If your on these forums, your definitely interested enough to buy the 5 - especially when it will be massively hyped too.

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Of course we are going to buy it if you dont have Game Pass. A new Gears coming out is like when that ■■■■ ex messages and you still buy her ■■■■! I fell in love with Gears of War i dont know what this new “Gears” clone is going to do to its legacy but it’ll still get our money.
Milking our hopes and dreams.

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And what about the percents in versus match ??? How its possible to loose like 10-15% with one defeat but with 8 wins not even a 0,01% of rank up… i don’t understand…


Pardon? That straight up confused me not going to lie…:joy:

Ohhh you referring to the rank percentage?? Just doing its own thing regardless of the games

not necessarily true. some people are just curious about people thought.