Hate towards disabled gamers

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All acceptable names. :smiley:

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Love your gamer tag!:+1::+1::+1:

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So when I was doing Horde, I messaged in party before the match started that I’d go with Hammer of Dawn Strike.
And I also joined like 10 to 15 minutes before the other Soldier.
Later on, I realised we have two Hammer Soldiers.
It didn’t end well after that, even when I used Global Chat to explain that I was deaf and couldn’t hear party mic chat.
So what happened after that?
I get kicked out of party, and everyone else goes back to Horde Lobby.
I wasn’t gonna stay anyway, so went back to main menu.
Then I get sent two messages by the Soldier, saying “YOU ARE SYPHON SOLDIER, U IDIOT”.
I replied that I was deaf, said I was gonna use Hammer in party and that they didn’t reply in a message or text either.
Then it’s followed by, “u are a BIG MISTAKE”.
I just reported those both messages, commenting that’s it’s harassing a deaf, disabled gamer
Seriously, I find these kind of people more toxic than the average, commonly met “trash talkers”.
Because they don’t tend to acknowledge or try to understand that there’s disabled gamers out there with limitations.
I can do anything they do in-game, but it’s just the way of communication.
Some don’t even bother to text or message chat, even the host didn’t.
I remember being kicked by them twice now, because of Hammer/Siphon Soldier switching issue.
Not gonna join them ever again.
Also, I bet that I’ve been reported, muted, blocked before these people may even realised that I was deaf in the first place.
Then how would they even find out, when can’t communicate anymore?

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That is harsh. Please pm me their GT on xbl or here so I can actively avoid them. I don’t report often even if deserved so im not looking to troll or spam them. I have a feeling I know who but wish to be sure.

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There’s some bad people out there, that’s for sure

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No doubt, they’re likely just compensating for something else in their life and poking fun at someone makes them feel really macho or something. It’s pathetic.

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People just can’t be ar$ed to take 2 seconds to type down text messages via in-game global chat or XBL messaging system if they don’t have a keyboard. They’re just angry because they’re too lazy to take the time and think, oh maybe I should stop taking everything for granted and be a little more considerate of others. They be actin all oh so good that anyone else who doesn’t wear a mic is a ‘noob’.

And even worse, if some of those people that you ran into came on the forums here and read your post, they still wouldn’t care cus ‘but…but if there’s nothing wrong with me, surely everyone else must be just as perfect as I am!’ so yeah, I wouldn’t fret too much about them. This kind of stuff happens to me like 2-3 times a year so ive become accustomed to brushing it aside.

I’m just glad I’ve become more active on the forums after lurking for so long and meeting more like-minded and kind people on here that I play with on almost a daily basis.

Edit- were you in a public lobby or did you party up with some of the guys from here or LFG? Feel free to tag them if they’re here, I’ll be glad to let them have a piece of my mind. Told you I always got yo back bro. :wink:

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I don’t use mic. I use global text… I am however a noobscrurb etc etc. :confused:

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Same here. I would totally use a mic if I could. But some of us aren’t exactly blessed with the luxury of bein able to hear well enough so we’ll just make do with what we have. Kind gets boring using global chat after a while because sometimes you’re the only one using it. But I’ve gotten several messages of people asking me how I do it. I just tell them, buy a cheap $5 keyboard, hook it up to console, press U and you’re good to go. Would love to see more console players using the global chat.

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I’d actually use a keyboard if I had enough available USB Ports but unfortunately I don’t and using a hub isn’t an option. My two back ports are used by my Astro A50s and external hard drive. My front port is used for my force feedback steering wheel so I’m literally out and I don’t like plugging and unplugging things.

Can we have an extra rear port, Microsoft? :joy:

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If it’s your home Xbox then everyone other account you have gets gold for free. It’s like gamesharing. If you have someone else’s account and make your Xbox their home Xbox then you can play all their games on your account.

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I’m deaf as well and if you want to stop getting the toxic mail I’d recommend change communication to friends only.

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Gamers are like drivers. They scream and say stuff out of frustration. Its not real its momentary.