Hate towards disabled gamers

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How can you tell the number of times you have been reported? Like on a website, because I’m curious now.

(hotbeatz85) #23

I remember when I used the Puerto Rico emblem. People would assume that I talked Spanish and lived in Puerto Rico but it’s not like that. I am Puerto Rican and just wanted people to know that I was. I got alot of hate messages for just having it equipped. I ignored it so that I wouldn’t cause any conflict.

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(Saints Row USA) #25

I have the word deaf in my tag.

(Duffman GB) #26

That makes sense. Why are you not using your tag on here ?
It amazes me that people (not necessarily you) mention having more than one account. So does that mean they have more than one live subscription ?
I have only ever had one and see no reason to have more.

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Gears does have a pretty vocal minority. I remember playing Gears 3 and this guy just hounded into me how bad he thought my GT was. How It was stupid and kidlike. Guy left me in tears as a kid but I still kept playing Gears cause I love it.

Glad to see you still are playing Gears despite your experiences. Glad to hear that loser got banned. It’s great to see deaf people can enjoy video games (guess I’ve always been ignorant to that part of the gaming community). Game on OP. If you need people to play with. The people on the forums are always looking for players.

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…Perfect record for me…I don’t go in this game and disrespect no one and I expect the samething…But there are a lot of trash talkers and players in here and I will let you know it…I’m a team player and always will be in Verses and Horde…The 1 high problem I have when I’m in Horde doing Engineering and everyone starts buying from the Fab.All my cards are maxed out for this reason.So I say this if you want to play that roll then do other wise let all play there roll in the game…I will always rock this game with me and my teammates just as long as we all respect each other in the game.Thats the only way you come ahead as being an awesome player and everyone wants to join your game where it be verses or horde…But you come in my game bashing .not being a team player… Moving all my set up and using all the energy.then we have a problem…Wings2 right here and it didn’t all come from Horde.Just gonna put that out there

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Good point on the sex trafficking thing. I warned players many times to be careful in this regard. Add to that fact that some may be minors and you are in deep trouble.


I thought I had a clean record until my buddy explained that you have to
Click the link. Sign in. Back out and click the link again.
He was right, my record is not perfect


Dont want to rain on uour parade but…
Did you sign in then back out and hit the link again?
My record said perfect too until I did those steps.

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You’re not being clear.

Click link, enforcement.xbox.com.
Sign in profile from top right of page.
What is “back out”, signing out or pressing one page backwards?
Then I’m assuming clicking the link again, is enforcement.xbox.com?

I still have perfect record, regardless of going one page backwards or signing out.


Just trying to help out.
I’m a total noob with the internet.
Also, when I signed in I just went back a page and clicked the link again. My report was different.

(Kingping3D) #34

once signed in, click this link to get more info: https://enforcement.xbox.com/en-us/home/reputation

just an FYI, because for some reason the tile “code of conduct” quickly replaces the tile “reputation”.

(TheDeuterostome) #35

Thank you, that link worked. I was having the problem with the tile being replaced.

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Lol… my record is awful. Ive been communications-banned so many times, that I just stopped caring to talk trash via text messages because I think I will be perm-banned if I get suspended one more time (last duration was 3 months last year). And I don’t even hear well enough to use a mic either, imagine that lol. So I stopped taking Gears seriously anymore since im too old for that sh*t now.

I was also wondering how people knew you couldnt hear, because nobody i plays knows unless they ask me to mic up and i tell them why i cant. Ive even put it in my motto/bio that i dont use mic because i cant hear that well and nobody ever reads those anymore (do they?). Anyway, why would you have ‘deaf’ in your tag? I find that very cringy to be honest. But hey, you do you.

And nice job on 600k Gamerscore but we all know it doesn’t mean anything these days except how much time you put in playing multiple titles for the last 12 years. Try and max out every Gears game on the 360 and X1 and get diamond in a couple ranked playlist, then we’ll talk.

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You reminded me about how I was contacted by three different xbox Accounts within a week last year trying to get me to become a cam girl for money I blocked them and reported them. I hope others aren’t being told that as well, even children might be targeted. I did what you say and make friends only after that happened and very rude random people, I can’t stress that enough either!

(TheDeuterostome) #38

It happened to me and my wife on multiple occasions.

(TheDeuterostome) #39

I have maxed out all gears games except for this one due to new achievements.

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I had more than one account when the rank system was having clear issues… This was to start fresh and test results.

These are also mine, though I haven’t used them in months:
Epic Toadies

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Surely you need Gnashergarden or SoundGnasher

we both know that SG and CC are the KINGS after all :+1::wink: