Hate towards disabled gamers

First off this isn’t my original gamertag.
Hi I love playing gears since 2006 and I am deaf and I noticed on gears 4 is the worst community, I’m getting messages from randoms threatening to mess up my rep, to ring Microsoft to ban my internet etc lol idk why so much hate just for being a good player.
I don’t teabag or take teammates kills, I never use a mic. I always play how you suspose to eg kills, cap rings etc. I been checking my reports and apparently got 430 reports for cheating, 83 for mic and 731 for unsporting in the last 6 months which IMO is just ridiculous.

Besides being a good player for a deaf gamer I also have a lot of gamer score through all those years (nearly 600,000G ) which may explain all the fraud reports, I never cheat in any way unless cheat codes on Lego games lol which are required for red brick achievements.

Anyway some randoms keeps telling me to quit and kill myself etc or make fun of me being deaf unable to hear others.

1 random even said (excuse my language) people who can’t hear should never play ■■■■■■■ video games especially gears of war and go choke on their hearing aid like a ■■■■■ choking on a hard ■■■■.

I text chatted and shows the above message to a Xbox enforcement officer so that random is now banned lol


Pay them no heed.
There are toxic gamers in every community that feel they have the right to dictate who can and can’t play “their” games.

Honestly pay no mind to your live rep, mines abysmal - last I checked I’ve been reported hundreds of times for trash talk.
Which is funny, I never use a mic, I’d have an anxiety attack in seconds if I heard a disembodied voice talk back while pondering to myself what my next move should be :joy:

The live rep thing, I’m actually surprised to hear is still a thing Tbh. It was well established a long time ago that it has an extreme negative bias, as the only people that really used it were the ones abusing it.
Keep doing your thing G
And remember.
You don’t owe a troll a thing.
Not an apology, not an excuse nothing.
Just report and if you must respond rise up and take the moral high ground.
Don’t stoop to their poop flinging level.


Gears of war is an awesome and competitive game with a partially toxic community.
Long ago I used to believe that the majority of active members of the community are toxic to some extent, but in the end said players are a minority. A VERY VOCAL minority. Gears is the kind of game that, despite being awesome as hell, attracts egoistic immature people who just want to bash others. Most Gearheads, however, just play the game simply for the enjoyment of playing.
Gears is a very “in-your-face” type of game, so to speak. It’s one reason why some take it so personally and seriously. Not to mention the relatively high skill gap between players compared to many other console shooters.
But those are also the reasons why I keep returning to Gears. I just don’t get that experience anywhere else.

People who are toxic and act immature are best left be. Don’t take their bait, and don’t let them get to you. They are only looking for a certain type of attention. Just be the reasonable one and don’t give that to them.


That’s absolutely insane.

I’ve been playing for roughly a year on versus and only have 27 cheater reports and under 10 reports in the other categories. I thought I had it bad but your report numbers are crazy high.

I’m curious what rank you play? I’m an Onyx 3ish level player and I’m wondering if you are a D5 or something and would be prone to more hate reports.

I, like you, am essentially just an adult playing a game. I don’t teabag or gloat. Kill and move on to the next. I don’t care if people take my downs. I don’t use mic in 99% of public games and when I do it’s usually when I need to communicate something very quick and can’t type. I say gg after most matches unless the other team are complete ■■■ hats then I usually just don’t say anything. Sometimes I even commend an enemy player after a kill they got.

As for how negative people are there are two choices…

  1. Block all outside communication other than friends which is very helpful for some people. My fiance did this after listening to some guy berate her in game and she’s never looked back.

  2. Ignore them or point out that it’s always the ■■■■■■■■■ player on the team that acts like the biggest child with the worst attitude (8/10 times this is the case). Tell them to keep practicing. Then block them.

Bonus: Certain derogatory remarks could be construed as sex trafficking dialogue and if you report them for sending messages like that… they take pretty quick action :slight_smile:

Ultimately though, don’t sweat it. We all put up with it. Come vent here when needed.


I doubt it’s anything to do with a disibilty, people are just genuinely scummy on this game when they’re getting killed.


I have 2 good friends in Gow4 that are deaf and they are awesome players and better than most of us when we play and mind you I’m a Wing2 and she is way higher than me… Haters will be haters… Dont pay them no mind.Keep doing what you do best love the game​:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

Just ignore them buddy.

You know what people like that hate the most? Not getting a reply back from you after trash talking you or insulting you.

So by doing nothing you’re annoying them back far more than replying ever could.

Also report them if they are being threatening or insulting. No one needs that in their life.

Keep slaying :wink:


So if you never talk or communicate on Xbox how does anyone know your deaf? Hmmm???

One of the problems with this community since the beginning is;
Yeah! You guess it right, it’s own people mostly because they take the game so serious when is just a game to some and a way to distraction to others
The toxic people on MP is the reason that keeps me away from it …
Theres not fairplay anymore all you see now is players bullying each other whenever they feel like it even in Gears Championship you see the perfect example…
I was kinda disappointed yesterday seeing this so call “Pros” talking bad to one and other
I get it is a competition but the ones doing this tournaments need to set some boundaries just my opinion…
The language used by this “Pros” took me by surprise not because the tone of language it was because there’s an underage audience watching this streams. Call me old fashioned by to me the behavior the pros must have should be less cursing more sportsmanship, the ones in home take that as a role model a wrong one when you see people almost getting at each other throats just because a game…


Gears probably has one of the most toxic communities.


This thread is really interesting… :eyes:

Where can you check how many times you have been reported?


From there where do I go. I for the life of me don’t see it.

You’re meant to log in, sign in.
Apparently, I got a clean, perfect record.

Man, I apologize for all that.The Gears of War community can be toxic, but it could also be one of best. A double-edged sword to say the least! Just know not all of us are like that, but still we should be better.

Not cool at all. I do not wish to be disrespectful but how do they know you are deaf ?
I would assume you are getting hate due to being good, but you actually mention that “they” mention you are deaf.
Pay them no attention also on a positive note, good tag.
We need SR5 or even better a full but loyal remake of SR2 :slight_smile:

People complain about everything. It’s starting to get annoying. When people don’t know how to just play they get salty. I don’t really like using a mic either. Tho sometimes it’s useful especially when you wanna hear surrounded areas. I don’t like joining parties with kids, I don’t have time for the whining. Hopefully people will actually respect each other and we can all have a blessing day.

I have a perfect record. Does that mean nobody reports me ever?

There’s more to it than that…
While I detest people like that, if you are advertising that you are a deaf gamer, expect people to use that as a way to attack you when they are angry. You know Gears is a hostile community. And, it’s Xbox live, any personal info you put out there might be used against you. Be it your country’s flag emblem, your race, gender, if you are overweight, have certain physical characteristics, etc, etc.

Let’s not pretend this is a, “Gears players hate deaf people” issue. This is a matter of a toxic community, period. I can’t even tell you the types of things Mexican players have said to my friend in Puerto Rico. I used the PR emblem for a few days just to show him support and got the same hateful treatment. If you can’t stand the personal attacks, don’t put any personal info on Xbox live.

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