Hate to say is but Gears 5 Ranked Execution is dead/swap in Dodgeball?

I like the mode don’t get me wrong but I don’t think they will keep it I find games in everything fast besides Execution
running a 2 stack and nothing… im in the US also

It was dead in 4 thats why they removed it in the first place

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at this point replace it with Dodgeball or something else

I don’t think ranked dodgeball would have much higher numbers…at this stage it’s tdm or Koth otherwise you have to wait patiently to find a ranked match

Would it be still a big deal 13 years later to cross platform to ps network to widen the player base…

Considering Gears 5 is an MS exclusive and not available on PS then cross-play is irrelevant? - Not including PC base obviously.

Anyhow, the play base numbers are so low and it takes that long to find a game in ranked i’ve just stuck to the quickplay lobbies.

Literally all I play is Execution :man_shrugging:t4:

TDM did this… It massacred my boy!

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Escalation is dead too. I wouldn’t mind it either if not for the fact that there is a Tour Medal for it I don’t have. Gears 5 Escalation sucks ■■■.

Remember Gears of War 3’s progression system? Content didn’t really expire, and you literally never had to play ranked if you didn’t feel like it. Much better times. This FOMO crap needs to be crucified at every opportunity.

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