Hasn't been 3 months yet... so why are the old forums unaccessible?

The old forums are gone but it hasn’t been 3 months yet for you to officially take it down. There is alot of information on the old forums to read that are very helpful… and to take it down and it hasn’t officialy been 3 months for you to take them down like wtf??? I’ve tried every browser and other devices in the old forums don’t show up so its not a problem on my side.

Link to the old forums:


TC said 3 months which means it could have been anytime from launch of new forums up to 3 months after :+1:


Can we get a Rip in chat for Impact old forums

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Wouldn’t be surprised if TC’s web team just accidentally took them down out of incompetence. They probably won’t read this thread and won’t realize they’re down either though, so they’ll never come back up.

The old forums not working has ruined the Googling process for anything Gears related. I Google “forum rules” and it links to a broken page (404) for the old forum rules.


Yeah it’s pretty annoying, can’t look up a dam thing anymore. Tips and tricks the old forums held are gone like Jacinto.

Old forums were taken down early to keep the site in compliance with the EU’s new GDPR laws. It wasn’t possible to fix the old forums within the deadline to make them compliant so all the data was deleted.