Has this game some how been worse than usual

The last 2 days I’ve played this its lag, lag, lag and ping in the 100’s every match. At this point, they should just shut the game down and solely focus on 6. I have never seen a game in my life that gets worse as time goes on. Its literal insanity. Anyone else running into the same?


No I’d say it’s remained at a consistent state of miserable since release.


Lol fair. Maybe its just me but I can’t get into a game with normal ping across the board. Absolutely crazy to me but I guess I should have come to expect this quality from TC.

I think Dana mentioned on the latest stream that they widened the ping limit so people could find matches quicker. I noticed a difference as I was finding matches within 3 minutes in FFA when before it was taking 30+ minutes but everyone now has ridiculously high ping.

If you already have your matchmaking set to lower ping then theres not much else you can do unfortunately.


Ugh. OK that makes sense then ah well.

Means jack-■■■■, even with “faster pings” I get matched against 200-300 pings. It’s a joke.

This explains the issue with FFA… lol was about to make a thread asking about the insane high ping.

2 more years till 6. Not gona be around the corner.

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that and turning on cross-play

Gameplay in general is worse. Movement is more unresponsive, jumping over cover for no reason and random rolls. Gnasher is more of a lottery then normal.

The best way to describe it, is that it feels like I’m not in full control strangely enough. All since the new tuning, it’s put me right off.