Has there been any statements on Quickplay TDM fix?

If I remember correctly this bug has been here since the drop of Operation 6 which is 6 weeks now? I’m aware they know but is there any set date we can expect this to work? I’m not sure how I feel about a second drop coming and one of the playlist flat out don’t work properly…

Reason I bring this up because I heard someone say it was fixed
It definitely isn’t. (my sound broken so the video is deaf)

They are aware of the problem and have said there will be a fix in that last stream. now when that fix is coming I don’t know for sure but it might be when the mid OP drop is dropped lol. Im not 100% on this but i recall it coming up in the stream and am nearly sure its going to be the mid drop.

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Hope you appreciate the amount of time and effort it took me to create this:


wow this screenshot truly speaks volumes! thank you herrkatz
(seriously why have i never clicked this before)

I always searched Gears 5 Trello on Google when I need to know about problems with the game, but I didn’t know about this shortcut, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

“The team are aware of the issue and will have it fixed as soon as possible.”

- TC

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Translation : oh TDM is broke, I guess we’ll have to fix that at some point.

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@SH00BiE_D00 @Piyi_Piyi

Too bad they haven’t updated the thing in 3 weeks and continue to ignore reports of bugs.

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