Has the wings reward system changed?

I’m really behind the power curve but just got my first re-up achievement. But all I got was 3 Elite packs has this changed? I thought I was supposed to get the wings Lancer then so on and so forth.

Wings Lancer is from getting Wings 1, which comes after Re-up 10, Level 100.

Wings Custom Lancer is from Wings 5.


So I got to hit 1100?

That is Re-up 10, Level 100.

You need 1,101 which is Wings 1, Level 1.

Thanks bud appreciate it. I think it’ll go nice with that new Gilded RAAM😁

Hang on - so you just got your first re up? Or your first wings re up?

Just making sure we are all on the same page here because if you just got your first re up and your after wings1 then you have a long way to go lol

No this is my first Wings re-up I have re-upped individually about a thousand times I got the achievement this morning

Ok just checking lol.

It’s a long way from re-up1 to wings 1

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I’m still not wings lol

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Yeah from what the moderator was saying I have a hundred more to go for that first Lancer

My guess is that Gears 5 will be out by then lol :joy:

Probably lol

Me either bro. I’m like Re-up 7 almost 8. They slowed down when I stopped playing horde so much and the weather is getting better lol


No one else thinks it’s a bit ridiculous this game has that many levels?


Totally. I mean, 52,900,000 exp from Wings 5-10, levels 1-100. Insane!

It’s absurd lol.

This borders are getting to 50% by reaching level 80 in Gears 2. A game shouldn’t have you reach 1000s to max level in a shooter.

Coming from someone who has played quite a few MMOs its pretty stupid. No shooter should be this grindy, not even CoD is this bad.


Hope GoW5 is a bit more down to earth with it’s level cap.

Side note: Is your gamerpic Casca?

Indeed it is :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t know why they thought going beyond wings 5 was a good idea.