Has the uncle clay glitch been fixed?

really curious to know if it has been.

Before you make a topic, use the Search Feature. Looks like those Aussie creatures showed up as a preview. Not what I had in mind but hey, it is cool and the link still takes you to the answer.


I suspect the OP is one of those cheat charlatans wanting to cheese it through an Escape Hive.

yeah you see, TC said they patched it but 16 hours ago it was working and I’ve seen actual footage of it when I called ■■■■■■■■ of such a glitch existing. I then went hey let’s see this and it doesn’t work. I’m hoping it is patched however.

It’s actually easier to test it yourself or LFG instead of making duplicate topics.

lol check my leaderboards for hives mate. I want to know simply if it is or isn’t. never even did despawn at launch cause unlike some people I’m good at the game and can do them without being cheap.

Also no sight of this claim of coalition patching it any hours ago, they removed the card description a few days ago however.

hence why I’m asking cause I did test, but hours ago I seen proof of it working post announcement of the “patch”

I’ve never seen your name in any top 100 leaderboard, as I know many people on the top 100 of each hive.

I assume you don’t know how to duplicate characters then?

please learn to read. they said they patched it 4 odd days ago yet 16 hours ago I heard about it. I seen actual video evidence of it working and decided to test it out this morning.

TC never patched it and you don’t know how to do the glitch Is what I gather?

I know how to dupe characters lmao everyone does also I never claimed to be top 100 god you’re an idiot. if the homie calling me a cheater legit checked my profile they’ll see all my master runs are legit. literally searching my gamertag will show that.

edit: I know HOW to do it, I tested it. I want it to be patched.

Yes it works. Simply put. TC failed again.

Leaderboard positions don’t mean someone necessarily cheated so who cares :rofl:

No it’s not been fixed (which is also why leaderboards don’t justify anything). There’s at least two threads I’ve seen on the forums that mentioned it’s still functioning even after the description of the card was blacked out.

You’re really confusing man, so now apparently you tested it and it worked for you but you want to know if it works?

time and the stats can prove you didn’t do ■■■■ like despawns etc with a glitch like this you can finish a hive in like 2 minutes which is way too quick on master.

You can still get kills and “double kills” with the clay glitch… or cog tag glitch to a score you want…

I’ve tested it, it doesn’t work. which makes me happy but confused to as why people are saying it still works hours ago.