Has the meta changed much over a year?

Post is same as title - Has the meta changed much over a year?

Asking since, I may have taken a year off from Gears 5 and now that i’ve recently come back, it strangely feels like the soul got sucked out of this game, there isn’t as much action, music, or overall communication, I played some horde mode and it feels like nearly every lobby i’m in has the majority of players at level 20…

Does this mean that because i’m not level 20, i’m going to be booted from matches alot more?
Would anyone happen to play some good old fashioned horde on blood drive with me, sometime?

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Barely. Some things got nerfed/changed but I don’t even know If that was this year. Its been awhile lol…
Infiltrators ultimate got nerfed but it still recharges fairly quick so not much has changed besides the time it takes to fill up.

Tactician Ultimate duration was nerfed but Tactician is still one of the best boss killers in existence soo…Besides that everything is fairly similar from a year ago.

To each their own. I love the action in this game.

Most people are. They’ve had plenty of time to level up and the only people left playing PvE really like Gears I imagine.

Yes/No. In reality it really doesn’t matter too much as long as you have a competent set of players with atleast remotely decent skills. You might find lobbies where the group just wants to kill crap and will breeze thru it or you might find a group with heavy requirements to join expecting to be carried.

Nothing has changed in this area. People are still weird about lobbies, more or so less now that less lobbies exist.

I think most people are completely drained from Blood Drive but If you ever wanna run some idm. Gamertag is my username, I can play whatever besides purple classes and Brawler.


This means nothing, xp in gears 5 is so much easier to get now. id rather you be a higher reup than be someone with low reup yet have a lvl 20 class.

If youre a bad player people will find this out quick and perhaps kick you or let you stay and offer advice or they dont have a clue either and expect a carry.

I only ever play horde with randoms and it can be hit or miss with the type of people you find, theres all kind of morons out there.

Never join lobbys that demand “deposit” these people are idiots.

And dont play as a slugger this is the most annoying class with them constantly throwing frags.

Welcome back👍

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This is the current meta in gears 5

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To be fair, I’m like a Re-up XVII or something like that. I’m nowhere near the max but I know that most lobbies i’ve been in have people at the absolute max, isn’t it five X’s? If so then i’ve been seeing nothing BUT max players. Weirdly enough everyone seems to focus veteran and mechanic instead of everything else, it’s like im the only pilot player.

L is 50 in roman numerals, but the current max is 60, which is LX.

Reups go like this :
I-IX(1-9, well, and reup 0 I suppose)

Reup 60 also goes to level 100 but reaching that is fairly pointless if you’re not a completionist about it(or the game as a whole).

Exactly, it’s trash…

But it’s fun!

Only when it actually works… When that happens it’s a blast. Sadly though that’s only about a tenth of the time. The rest is lag, shooting through walls, dying while someone is facing away from you, etc…

The meta for horde? Yeah its pretty much the same. Explosive classes are still superior over everything else of course. I have no problem with the explosive classes depending on how the person plays. But tact and demo are still meta. Demo is literally mark 5 bosses in boss rush and erase all of them with a single press of a button in less than 10 seconds. Which takes the challenge out of everything. The other day I joined a master horde roulette title was like “bring your best” or something like that. So I usually main anchor or brawler. Anchor mostly the class can boost damage, nice defense, provide stim for everyone, self efficient with great headshot damage to top it all off. I’ve done most of my master solos as anchor. So I get in the match and all I hear is grenades being thrown and surprise surprise it’s one of those spammy explosive class players a slugger. The ones that blindly throw grenades then run back to the fab to restock. Yeah those people. Then a demo joins a few waves later and does the same thing. We had one wave which was locust elite grenadiers and shock trackers. Nearly everytime I get a longshot from the fabricator those 15 bullets are 15 kills if I’m playing anchor. I could barely hit anything during the wave due to all the screen shake from my teammates just throwing grenades. How is that fun? Which is why I just solo most times or play with friends. I like a challenge but I don’t want to having to restart the wave or match every few minutes. I like having fun but I try to make sure I don’t ruin the whole experience for others with my carrying.

Its hard to come across a good game these days. I try to avoid matches with explosive classes most times. As well as those matches that are titled " deposit all energy till wave 20."

I’d rather be out damaged by a good blademaster or sniper you know someone who is actually good at the game. Instead of those people who run back and forth from the fab grabbing frags or the people who press Y then turn off their brains and blindly fire into the open map getting 15 kills a wave.

Come to think of it I haven’t seen a good blademaster or marksman in months.

A couple of friends were telling me last night that they were in a lobby where the host was constantly messaging everyone for (1) deposits all the way up to wave 20; and (2) that everyone stay within the base which featured lots of level 3 barriers. One randomer left the base to collect ammo and power when there was 2 enemies left and was kicked. Absolutely ridiculous.

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I came across a guy that had his game titled " deposit it’s not that hard…" me and my friend get in game it was a masters jingle juvies. I’m guessing The host had a second control plugged in cause there was an afk slugger the entire time that would only move to deposit energy. We get in the wave starts, it was like wave 8 there were about 20 barriers everywhere.(we were in one of the houses on river) as soon as the wave was over it was me, my friend and 1 another dude a random we all deposit our energy about 7k total and then the host kicks all of us for no reason.

Then afterwards I’m sitting in the horde lobby browser watching the waves and the people of the match go by. It’d go up a wave then there would be 4/5 people then the next wave it would be back down to 2/5 and so on for the rest of the match. People are so energy hungry and overall just crazy. you can do jingle juvies master with like 3 maybe 4 barriers I see no reason for having like 40. Waves 5,8, 15 and 18 aren’t that bad if you have the right classes. But the fact that the guy got through those waves with just a slugger and mechanic on master baffles me.

I avoid all lobbies that demand regimented depositing every wave until X-wave. For me, it’s 100% intolerable and unnecessary.

If the host doesn’t mention it in the lobby title (or the lobby before we start) and starts demanding it in-game, I just message something like “my class needs to perk up. I’m happy to stay, but will leave if you prefer”. So far this has done the trick - the hosts seem to appreciate me polite and making my position clear. Hopefully it’s helped to challenge their pre-existing notion that depositing every wave is mandatory (but probably not!)

I favour a flexible approach and expect team mates to use their common sense. If they want a weapon locker, then they gotta contribute. If they want to perk, then that’s cool too, but don’t expect any priority for a weapon locker. It’s really as simple as that.

As far as barriers are concerned, yes they’re helpful, but they’re not going to kill much beyond Leeches and Trackers by themselves. It’s the players themselves who will be killing stuff, and they need the tools to do this (whether it be perks or ammo), so in my opinion that takes priority over barriers. You can have all the barriers in the world, but unless you have a team who can reliably kill them, it’s just a matter of time before they get into your base.

The other day I joined a randomer’s lobby - he was Infiltrator and I was Blademaster and he started the game with just the two of us (plus AI Bots). We were absolutely fine by ourselves and it wasn’t until around wave 15-16 when a 3rd player joined us (the game gradually filled up after that). Up to that point we literally just had one barrier; and a level 1 locker (which the host wanted to store an extra Overkill on in case he died) - we were both perking up. I didn’t know him and we weren’t using mics, but we did absolutely fine. After a Mechanic joined they built up a big base, but alot of it was unnecessary. Okay fair enough, the majority of GOW players aren’t good enough to survive without a base (not to toot my own horn, but I consider myself to be a fairly good player), but it’s totally possible if people (genuinely) know what they’re doing.

I’ve done some novelty challenges with friends where we’ve played as all 5 Tank classes (one each so no duplicates); 5 Assault; and 5 Support, and they’ve all gone well (we also did all-Promos and had 2 Sluggers, and that was fine too). I just wish the playerbase was more open minded, and had the will to improve and learn.

I joined a regency frenzy daily as an infiltrator, lobby name was “all welcome” or similar to this, host was party of 3, me and a random got downed at same time and insta killed, we never got revived until the next wave started. Before the wave started i asked “no revives???” host said “no deposit???”

One time a friend of mine was playing with a pushy engineer who was demanding deposits all the time. At one point they went DBNO and instead of reviving them my friend just gave them some money directly and walked away. :joy:


@Bleeding_Pepper part of the reason I avoid playing Horde semi seriously is bc of all the ridiculiousness associated with Horde Elitism…Players act like their is a universal flow chart everyone is supposed to know and adhere to. Self imposed rules about depositing, character levels, must build lockers by this time, dont leave the base, must give ammo to x character…blah bla blah bla blah…We arent tackling Goldbachs Conjecture or the Riemann hypothesis-its a video game. For fun. I cant imagine some of those games being “fun”. Get adventurous. Play a class you never play. Let randos of any level play and perk. Have fun.

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I think people by nature want to experience success, which in Horde comes from winning.

Add to that the grindy nature of PVE modes, and people want to succeed because they’re grinding for Xp, skill cards etc.

I generally don’t play Horde very much with randomers. Lately I’ve been playing other games much more and only jump onto GOW a couple of times per week, but it’s usually to play with friends. I think I’ve primarily played with friends for a long time nowadays just because of the way Horde meta has established itself. If I host my own lobby the title is something like “master - no deposit demands” just to be clear to everyone that I trust people to independently use their initiative and do what they think is best. Once I had to warn an engineer when he/she started hassling the others for power, and I just referred them to the lobby title and that this is how it’s gonna be.

Fun is subjective though. What you deem fun another may not.
Apparently chucking frags and shocks for a half hour to 2 hours long non stop is fun for loads of players. To me even sitting there watching it melts my brain. Cant imagine playing like that. Are all those people wrong for wanting to have their fun that way?

It’s like the people who use the demo tact combo or the marks vet combo. You know the combos where 3 teammates do nothing while the other two wipe out the waves in a few seconds for the rest of the horde match? I get it’s class synergy or whatever but my god is it boring. I mean if you are max re-up, max level class with maxed out cards what’s the point of staying if you aren’t actually getting anything out of it? They’re excuses for me are usually “oh I’m getting you free exp.” I don’t want free exp I want to earn my exp and be right in the action depending on my class not sitting on the sidelines while two of my teammates sit in the back, turn off their brains and fry everything with the aimbot blind fire class and the insta kill headshot Marksman.


Couldnt agree more.