Has the Lancer been nerfed to oblivion or is it just sponging?

Last couple of days, the Lancer has felt very neutered. I mean literally shooting someone for 3 seconds until they round a corner. I’ve seen people having issues lately w/getting hit markers but no damage. Anyone else struggling with Lancer impotency?.It is the gun that seems inconsistent now more so than the gnasher. What is going on here?

its the increased bloom on the weapon. Its dumb as sh*t. Id prefer a damage nerf over the increased bloom, id even take increased kick back. Bloom just makes the weapon un reliable and i think bloom is an old outdated concept for shooters, if you don’t want it shot at full auto DONT GIVE US A FULL AUTO WEAPON!.


Its garbage now

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It’s still pretty effective IMO. Feels a lot more balanced now.

Active reload. Hit them in the head. Easy downs.

Lancer is still useful without being overpowered. It’s in a good place right now.


No something is up with the game imo. This **** was so f up the last couple nights tonight was bad for me Lancer wise. A Whole clip I couldn’t down someone not really doing a good job of evading. Than I get downed in a matter of seconds. Next match I’m moving quick and Lancer is on point. (Actually downing people way to fast). I can actually tell now within the first few seconds how the game is gonna go. Idk I feel like either certain players or teams have the advantage. I can tell by the movement of my speed it’s crazy. It all comes down to the feeling of running on sand. Even a up a seems like my body completely flys past the players with no damage. Sponging is crazy, but it’s not every match it even varies by round. Since op3 dropped I have nothing good to say about this game there is never any consistency. For me what I’m actually seeing is not what is actually happening. Judging distance is off also. Some player’s close so fast and sometimes it’s seem like I have all day when someone is charging. Sorry for the ramble. Tonight was a night where I shouldn’t of drank coffee and decide to get my Gears Grind on.

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@xxxGAUNTLETxxx yep. Things have bern off since op 3 dropped. I was very happy at the end of op 2 with the game. It was performing well. I responded to you on another post. I too have matches where it is very obvious(at least to me) that other opponents can move light speed quicker. Especially with turning/spinning. Also, they will.be able to hit me with 2 gnasher shots and kill me, before I can get my 2nd gnasher shot off to kill them. Even though I fired my first shot before they did. That one is especially confusing. And the lancer sponging definitely. People will sponge a clip. Then insta down you. So many times me and another opponent get caught out in the open face to face…i pull my lancer and start firing. Then they raise theirs and start returning fire. But, I.go down first. Them. I did 37% damage. Im like, i fired first. How did they do enough to down me. Yet I.only did 37%. Wtf?


No I haven’t Still getting problems with the gnasher really, besdies if the bloom is bumped up, just AR and burst and people go down fast anyway, the lancer is still a better weapon in this flawed game then gnasher.

honestly doesn’t even feel like much has changed.

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Every ranked koth map i play has hella lancering. I use it a lot and it’s still very powerful. However the hit detection in this game is horrible. I can see my gnasher shot fully in line with my target. I see the shot hit the player but no damage is done. It’s not the lancer being weak it’s the game being broken.


I think Gauntlet has hit the nail on the head for my experience recently. Maybe it comes down to my decent ping and it’s shoddy lag compensation screwing me all the time. Occasionally I get a good game but most are poor at the moment.

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Same here about 1v1 with the Lancer. There been instances were I was so confident the other person was going down before me I was just like wtf. I can tell the difference between active and non active it’s never the case. Idk if TC acknowledge any of this. The first time I seen this mentioned on Twitter was right after op3 dropped. Octus did reply , but the reply to the question didn’t seem like he understood what was being asked, the person asking never really clarified themselves. I didn’t notice it at first my focus was more of the Gnasher. Brings me back to what I seen @SeeLogisticz mention that there might be a host advantage it’s the only thing that makes sense.

Also about the ping. I have decent ping most of the time. It actually seems like if you have a ping of 10 and the opposite person is around 60 seem to me they have the advantage @Krylon_Blue was mentioning this to me while we were playing 2v2 I watched him literally walk up and body someone point blank more than a couple times for no damage. I’m talking about the skill Gap between @Krylon_Blue and the other person was like a Master’s vs a silver the guy would just absorb the shot , miss, absorb another one miss than just kill you. Comes down to they are seeing something that we aren’t seeing at the same moment.

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Can you show us it taking 3 seconds? It should take around 0.9-1.2 seconds depending on where your bullets hit.

Yeah I’ve been trying to shoot in bursts and it seems to work well for people who are pretty far away. And also active round helps you shoot faster.

@Livo using an amount of time as a gauge was a bad idea. I’m only saying that, by feel, the Lancer is performing oddly and inconsistently. I’ve played long enough to know about when a person should go down. When they don’t…sonething is up.

We have no indications on which server were put on per match. For all we know you can live in America but be playing on a Europe server. For example - If I were to get pushed to a Europe server that match I’ll have a ping over around 200+ registered to there data centers.

Hey, I was asking for a reason because you SHOULD be considering the time to down.

Very recently on this tuning we’re on now I ran some tests and found these results.

The only difference in feel that you should be noticing is that they have added bloom so that the weapon is no longer laser accurate, it takes some form of skill to use effectively now. (Still too easy in my opinion).

A player takes 3 seconds to begin regenerating health, therefore if you’re able to land 11 bullets or less in under that time to prevent them regenerating then you should down them.

Do you have any clips whereby it’s taking you longer than expected so we can take a look?

I pretty sure what the problem is the hit detection /lag what ever you wanna call it. The speed of the game which feels different from round to round. Something is just not right. Only match I played Today (koth) I ran around killing everyone, I was moving so fast I was getting shot and not really taking damage. I was downing players with the Lancer like a hot knife through butter. The Gnasher was so perfect. Seems like opposite team was struggling. I wasn’t doing anything special. It seemed like I just had a clear advantage over everyone and skill didn’t matter. Than I’m on the opposite side also bro. You can see all the hit markers. Land all the shots. Nothing really registers, the feel of the game is like a car without power steering. You can control it, everything works, idk games feels Heavy, sluggish, choppy, you have to work extra extra hard to get a kill. Make sure to pump that extra round in them. Land 2 clean shots just count it as one just in case. What could that be? It’s only been like this for me since op3 dropped. There’s been issues. Nothing like this though. Even when I see clips posted on Twitter I’m like man, How is he moving so fast and smooth? The game I’m playing doesn’t resemble anything like that on a consistent basis.

I feel like I’m on a different version of the game then everyone else. My lancer does nothing. It’s almost feels like a all you can eat lancer bullet buffet.

My shotgun is even worse. I’ll shoot first and then they step into gib range and I’ll die.but if I hold my shot let them shoot first and try to step into gib range it’s like they’re using a fully auto shotgun and then I still die. Lol.

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Same, there been instances where I’m like how the hell did they get that second shot off way before me, like they didn’t have a delay.