Has the drop shot always stuck to you?

Running by someone they shoot it, it stuck to my back lol.

Do you have a clip? If the Dropshot lands on someone its usually a headshot/execution.

There is a chance for a Dropshot to land on someone or something through hitbox collisions, and blow up on top of them. I have done such with the weapon on Guardians and Sentinels in Gears 4s Horde, where the projectile somehow managed to land perfectly on top of them before I released the trigger, making it explode on them without the death usually involved in landing a direct hit.

Never seen it get stuck on anyone, though. Only the auto homing feature that kicks in, which I have not figured out on what goes into triggering it, but is very likely to be intended.

My friend tried to trade me the dropshot 1 time and wasnt really sure what buttons to press, i explained and then proceeded to trade my weapon, (we were facing each other in game)at that exact moment he fired the drop and it was stuck between us and he managed to headshot himself.:joy:

If a teammate has it and hits u it will sometimes stick.