Has TC comment on any of the feedback?

I still haven’t seen any comments from The Coalition. I guess they are not happy with Gears 5 as well, as they shouldn’t. Good job at ruining the Gears of War franchise TC. You guys are probably going to go down in gaming history as one of the worst or the worst gaming developer ever. BRAVO!!!


Not to my knowledge… I joined the forum to be part of the solution and I haven’t seen much by way of their interaction.


Just FYI they are ONLY on Twitter.

You can watch their recorded twitch streams, the status page for what they’re working on and the whats up news every tuesday.

They are slowly responding to a lot of issues. There was a lot of questions and things addressed in their stream at the beginning of October, where Ryan even said the whole team felt bad once they saw most of the feedback. They have a huge list of things they are planning to do, but they said everything takes time and they have to prioritise certain things first. He also said they want to give the game a bit more time before they start making big changes, especially to tuning.

But I agree, they are still terrible at communicating.

Edit: Here’s the link to all the Developer’s Streams that TC has done. There is a lot of info and questions that get answered in these streams.

Link: https://m.twitch.tv/gearsofwar/profile


Wow, I didn’t know the streams were their equivalent to addressing community questions and the like. I did know about twitter and I didn’t wanna waste my time on that. So thanks for the info!

No problem. I didn’t know about them either until I saw someone post a link.

There is less than 5,000 views on most of those videos, so the information is not getting out.

They should be communicating with us on here , idk why they communicate on Twitter. I even made a Twitter account and sent him a comment about the ranking system and how its broke. Also about the store. I don’t think he really cares about us on the forum. Also he never responded to my comments


27th of September was the last ‘dev post’/reply, nothing but mod replies since then.

Sadly you are better asking on twitter to one of their dozen or so personal twitter pages or posting on reddit and hoping it gets popular.

They don’t really talk to us on the forums.

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I usually would agree with you and have said many times how poor their communication on the fourm is.

However, after seeing the amount of info that gets answered via these streams and their weekly ‘what’s up’ posts, i’m going to defend them for once on this.

Most streams are 2 hours long and is a much easier way of responding to questions, the majority of which are the most talked about issues on the forums. I suggest you watch the stream from Oct 3rd (i think) which has Ryan Clevlan in it. A LOT of good info and questions were answered during it.

“We’re talking about it”
“We’ve passed it along to the team”
Answers only safe questions
“We don’t have plans for it right now”
*[Insert minor improvement here] will be in the next update"
“There was a discussion about this recently”


No excuse this is gears of war official webpage, they should be in here dealing with the mess they caused. It’s inexcusable that they released this game how it is. This is the only gears game I stopped playing besides judgement. That bothers me because gears in by far my favorite franchise.
It’s like this game was made by entirely different designers, I would of bet gears 5 would have taken what was good in gears 4 and made it better, boy was I wrong.


Just gonna say this.


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It is Like Trump. You can’t take someone serious when news are getting posted on Twitter. Are they living in 2010…

Are you? That’s where most game devs these days communicate, it has much farther reach than forums.

They should be on both. This is the website named after their IP.

I can say with relative certainty that if these forums were less about just complaining for the sake of complaining(this does NOT include valid complaints about stuff that isn’t working like servers or exploits in Horde/Versus/Escape) and claims about just replacing the developers entirely, and that if any TC staff member were to dare to come in here, they would get ripped to shreds by some people. It helps nobody to be aggressive and insulting to one another. At this point and state of the forums, I do not blame them for not communicating with us.

343 Industries is worse. Halo 4 was garbage, Halo MCC and Halo 5… :grin:How it is possible that almost all Microsoft studious are garbage? :thinking:

I kinda agree with you, as in the reason why TC hardly ever responds to the forums is because if ever they were to post something they will just get bombarded with questions and comments, some of which may be a bit aggressive.

However, they’re getting just as much flak on Twitter and Reddit as they are in here and they’re active on both those platforms. Only difference is that there aren’t that many “a.ss kissers” in here as there are in those other two platforms. So I guess they like the balance.

Either way, they’re in the business of providing a product to the public and if they can’t take the heat when they eff up, they should most likely change career. It sounds mean, sure, but that’s just the way it is, regardless of which industry you get into that provides something directly to the public.

Plus, I think it would be a lot more beneficial for them to interact with people who may disagree with their actions or see the flaws of some of their decisions as opposed to with those that simply post “You’re doing a great job TC, tee hee.” at every turn whenever TC posts something on Twitter.


Well the should also communicate with us on th offical forum , or even log in make a post with the stream link or even break it down in text form?

Alot of people dont like to be told what they did wrong, it’s a bad to be like that . You will never grow or become better and just stay where your at. So if TC doesn’t want to own up and try to change what they messed up on, you can garantee it will never be better bc the makers don’t want to take real feedback on what they did wrong