Has TC addressed the incorrect rewards yet?

Another daily horde with incorrect rewards showing or given.

Showing good xp but getting poor xp isnt a good way getting ppl on ur side TC.

Nothing worse than thinking ur gonna get something nice but get pooped on instead.

What u have for op5 is good, new maps r excellent and dupe classes r fun but with these minor bugs u only let yourself down after all the hard work done with op5, us players that have been here since launch r used to these bugs/glitches but new players wont understand and think they’ve done something wrong and will probably go play a different gm.

Do u have any info regarding a fix @TC_Sera ?


today i got 1k class xp instead of the 7500 that says in the thumbnail horde


same here, it happens all the time for the past week or so, I won’t be messing with daily’s anymore.

Yeah I quit bothering with the dailies for this reason

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Same. Didnt get my 5000 class exp at all.

The only solution found for me too!
Stop playing the Daily Horde!
Too boring Horde and frustrating rewards!


I take it a mod awarded the solution ?



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I just got done playing the canals daily on inconceivable for Dec 21 and didn’t get the 5000 CXP for finishing.

Tomorrow it will be fixed

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Wonder if we will get the xp that wasnt given??

Most likely… not