Has TC acknowledged the Horde "no skill cards" glitch yet? It's a big problem

So for those who don’t know…

There is currently a glitch that will have your character load into a Horde match with none of your cards equipped, even though they were on in the lobby. The only solution is to back out, unequip and equip them again, then reque. You can quickly see how things becomes an issue, though. Sometimes a couple of your teammates will have the same issue, which means you’ll all have to back out and likely find another lobby, and hope the problem doesn’t persist. Hopefully TC is aware of this and puts out a hotfix soon.

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This happened on escape too, and at least this problem is from op3 or even op2. It’s not so common but it’s annoying. Having to restart escape and had to watch the Snatcher intro again…

Yeah that annoys me in escape too.

Yes TC is aware and is working on a fix :slight_smile:

Lead PVE designer has responded on both this forum and twitter about this issue :slight_smile:


Especially joining an Insane Horde with this bug… :roll_eyes:

Well if your playing customs, then that’s a shot host for not making sure all the players were ready and skill cards loaded.

There is a work around right now, so it’s not that big of a deal if the game hosts just make sure everyone is set.

Well that’s my two cents anyway.



Wait… What!!! Someone actually communicated on the forums???

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Thanks my friend really appreciate the info,yes my poor jack lost his cards today,I’ll remember to check his cards b4 going into the game

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You could just switch one card back and forth in the lobby before starting, but ok.

That’s me, I’m the ■■■■■■ host :wink:

Only happened to me on my first Horde match after Op4 dropped. But since then when match is loading I go to card select screen and unselect/reselect each card and it hasn’t happened again. Not sure if what I do fixes it or it’s just an occasional bug.

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this has happened once for me and only with KAT,i restarted Gears 5 and it worked, never had any issues again with any other character in any PvE modes

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For me it happened when I used Clayton.
Tried to stun a close enemy… nothing…
And then I nearly got frozen by a Scion so my freezing resist card was not working, too. :unamused:

My Kait had no bleed, hahahaha… I felt… Naked…


I wasn’t aware of this but considering sometimes my expressions and executions haven’t been right here and there, I guess there’s some wonky stuff going on. Not sure if the two are at all related.

I’ve noticed, if you host a match it never happens to the host. I normally host majority all my matches and whenever a teammate(s) says they have no cards, I’ll back out and wait until they’re ready; some even said don’t worry about it.

yeah backing out would work if the cards got unequip in the first place. The cards are equip but when public horde starts certain charachters dont het them at all equip or not. You can scroll under skills and nothing shows yet whwn you back out all of them are equip

That would work if the cards unequip in the first place but some charachters in public horde dont get them such as cole, emile, a lot of times the engineers etc

Manually unequip and re-equip the skills for each character.