Has something in Vs changed lately?

Has something changed, gameplay-wise, lately? Until last week I was doing pretty darn well in KotH, now suddenly I am getting owned, missing shots, I seem unable to run up to someone and then Gnashet them (like there’s a delay) etc. Maybe I am imagining it. But suddenly I’m playing like I haven’t played Gears in a year! Any thoughts?

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It might be to do with the aim assist changes they made.

Don’t quote me on that tho

I noticed something similar. Like I was stuck in mud. Turning up my sensitivities a little seems to compensate.



Game feels a lot better to me

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Well played :rofl:

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I mean, the game is the same to me.

I’ve noticed other people mising shots more, and a general increase in my own performance, although I have played VS more regularly the past few weeks.

I think it’s starting to feel like Gears, I noticed I wasn’t ALWAYS accurate as well, and thus shotgun fights were actually happening.

The aim assist was mad stupid and now that’s its nerfed you can def feel how much the game was truly doing the work for you.

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